How to Overcome Writer’s Block as a Content Creator

By having so many conversations daily with content creators, we are well aware of the struggle is real when constantly creating new content for your audience, especially from home. Today we are sharing with you where and how to overcome writer’s block so you can have your writing back on track. 

You can channel your creative thinking with these 4 simple exercises including the  S.C.A.M.P.E.R technique (not as scary as the name sounds!) and you can also check 5 ways to tackle the dreaded writer’s block.


How to Overcome Writer’s Block with 4 online tools:  


1. Google News 

Yes, Google News is one of the tools you should be using to get inspired for your own content calendar. What are the articles catching your attention that you would also like to cover on your blog? 


2. Answer the Public  

Do you love to write about x but you feel you’ve already covered it all? Think again and check Answer the Public to discover what are the most searched questions related to a keyword on search engines. Use it as an opportunity to create valuable and long content for your audience. 


3. Google Trends 

With Google Trends you can find popular content ideas trending and breaking on Google search. If you type any topic, you will find a list of ideas for your content. Make sure to pick the right location as different countries have different trends! 


4. Pinterest Trends 

Similar to Google Trends but focus exclusively on searches behaviours on the Pinterest platform. Find how to use Pinterest trends in this article.


Once you start having new ideas, don’t forget to add them to your content calendar.

If you feel the lack of ideas is stalling your world domination, our VIP membership might be a good fit for you with consultants auditing your content every month to provide you with strategic content advice. 



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