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Note from Chloé

Welcome to our new digital home!

We’ve been working on this site for many months. When your business is looking after other people’s sites, your own can get pushed to the back of the priority list – a bit like in life, right?

It came to the point where we needed our website to truly represent the brand we’ve been growing over the last three and a half years.

We built a site that our members, community and partners could be proud – and gosh did we do that!

It’s funny, the first ever chloédigital website back in Dec 2014, I coded and ‘designed’ myself. Ally, our Head of Legal & Business Affairs, crafted the legalise, we spent a few days, and it was done. We had our first sign up on day one and subsequently had a major (happy) panic.

This time round (we are on v4) #TeamCD has spent 9 months carefully creating a site to propel us to new heights.

The experience of building this website has been an enlightening one, you see, half of our team is based in London and the other half are remote – we spend our days and sometimes nights on Slack plotting away. Building a team is one of my favourite things about this CEO life and to see everybody work their socks off, helping each other, and sharing the same goal – gave me all the feels.

Don’t be fooled this website is not just design, development and copy it is the result of a team of people coming together to create something new with the same vision. If there is anything I want you to take away it is this: innovation is a collaborative process with many moving parts, a balancing act between being true to your roots and opening yourself up to new points of view.

Thank you to our members who gave wonderful testimonials, they made us weep! We want to continue to up and up our services for you all.

Thank you to those who lent their beautiful imagery to make the site come to life.

And thank you for reading and being a part of our story. We still have so much work to do in our industry and we won’t stop until it’s done!

The site as you see it now is only stage 1 for what we have in store.

Here is to the next level, ours and yours! Now, where’s champagne?

Chloé x

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