Tips for Nordstrom Sale Planning

It’s that time of year again…the Nordstrom sale is nearly here….No longer business as usual though. It is clear that we are living in a new world when it comes to commercial mindsets. Sales aren’t performing as well as they used to YOY and with the added challenge of future financial uncertainty, it’s a wise idea to recalibrate your approach when conducting your Nordstrom sale content planning.

It is true that this is one of the most lucrative periods of the average influencers annual life cycle. But it’s also true that the attitudes towards shopping have changed. This means that there is a need to reestablish the sentiment and the drivers of your audience’s conversion. Here are some tips to better help you plan your content communications for this year’s sale…


How to prepare for the Nordstrom sale


Check-in with your audience

Prep your audience for the sale and the key dates that they should be aware of. When doing so, ask your audience about their sentiment towards sales. Is your audience motivated to spend or not? Try to understand why by digging into more detailed questioning. Use your analysis to establish how much content, the tone and product positioning you should create this year.

Take this opportunity to understand if you should be increasing the representation with your product selections. Can you push for more inclusive sizing? Should you do more due diligence on the supply chain of brands? Do you match on ethos with the brands you will be suggesting…if so, how will you present this info to your audience?


Cover your channels


Have you checked in to see how you will promote cross channel? It’s a wise decision to look at where your affiliate conversion comes from and ensure you’re mapping out a cross channel Nordstrom sale content plan that fits within your social listening findings.

If in doubt use the sale previews to preview your recalibrated 2020 content and assess the response across channels to fine-tune your public sale content delivery.


Use your Analytics


Checked your affiliate revenue lately? What were the articles with the highest number of clicks but fewest purchases? Take this as a chance to recommend similar products or even the same but with a more friendly price. Check last year’s analytics? Is there a particular piece of content on the sale that generated more engagement and conversions over another. Is there a content format that you can replicate for 2020?

All of these questions should be considered when conducting your Nordstrom sale content planning, cross channel. Ask your audience. Measure their response. Go get ’em!

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