More Digital Trends To Grow Your Blogging Business

In the first part of this series we discussed how mobile live streaming is changing the blogging landscape, what the new animated Pins and Instagram algorithm updates mean for your brand, and how to make the most out of targeted content.

Today we are covering two more key trends now dominating the digital landscape: moment marketing and using big data to better user experience. As always, we’ll keep the conversation simple and straight to the point. Read on!

Moment Marketing: Sending The Right Message At The Right Time

Here’s the truth – most web users are looking for instant gratification when they hop on the web. They want content that can offer them something or change something for them right now.

Top brands and advertising agencies have already recognized this urgency and are shifting towards moment marketing: a more powerful version of real time marketing.  Moment marketing takes “advantage of an event to deliver relevant and related, seemingly spontaneous, and often fleeting interactions with customers in real time ” as William Grobel -Senior Manager at Deloitte Digital-  noted.

The offline-to-online approach has become critical for brands, and as a smart digital publisher you should be taking advantage of it as well. Here’s how:

Power-up Your Toolkit

Google Trends – to analyze what topics are getting hot in society and the exact questions people are searching for. Use the data to produce on-the-moment content.

Twitter Moments – highlights of the most talked events/topics on the platform, and can be set based on your location or worldwide.

Trendspottr – analyzes key trends of different social media tools and can predict emerging ones with high accuracy. Perfect for those aiming to stand out at the beginning of a trend, rather than jumping on the bandwagon with everyone else.

IPA TouchPoints – a powerful multi-media planning tool to analyze your customers’ content consumption habits and extract valuable strategic data.

Master “Newsjacking”

This term has been around for ages, yet is now getting more popular than ever. In simple words – find a trending piece of news or rising pop culture trend and piggyback on it. For instance, remember the Starbucks red cup controversy? Nearly each major brand offered a commentary, opinion post or quirky social media status on the matter and they got massive traction while the topic was still hot.

Keep a close eye on the growing trends and upcoming major events and think of creative ways to capitalize on their popularity by putting your own spin through your content.


Using Big Data To Understand Your Readers Better

You don’t need to be a full-time geek to take advantage of the big data you have on your audience (but of course if you are, we celebrate you at chloédigital and welcome you to our #geekchic club!!). What everybody can and should do is learn to interpret your Google Analytics and use smart analytics tools for your social media.

Here are a couple of things you should definitely be doing to maximize your big data readings:

Create a clear reader profile

Based on the Google Analytics insights on your audience: age, browsing habits, location, and interests – you have the data on that. Now shape it into a portrait to tailor your content more efficiently.

Identify the specific content which pushes a sale

Analyze your users’ reading and clicking habits (again, Google Analytics!) to understand how people browse your platform and what makes them click on affiliate links and make a purchase.

Get to know your readers’ browsing patterns

In order to increase time on page and engagement stats by getting rid of the bottlenecks and improving your design.

Always rely on the data you already have available when outlining your content strategy, introducing a new monetization channel and improving your blog design – game changer!

Back to you! What do you think of applying big data and moment marketing to your content and business strategy? If you’re a chloédigital member, reach out to find out more about how we can help you apply these trends!

P.S. Check out Part 1 of this post in case you missed it!

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