LSI: The secret tool to find new content ideas

Search volume reaches a pinnacle at this time of year. People are looking for tangible answers, advice and suggestions. It’s what we like to call searching with strong intent. i.e they’re more convertible. Knowing this, it’s worth diving into the strength of your content game, ensuring a holistic approach to better understand the relationship between generating new content and strengthening the old. This can be a bit tricky as you may find you repeating yourself year on year as people overall search for the same questions. Therefore, beyond looking at search trends to find real-time relevant nuances for seasonal content, you should take a look at using LSI to strengthen content.

What is LSI?

Also known as Latent Semantic Indexing, is one of the ways search engines identify how deep you explore a topic – something to which search engines look. Roughly translating to “variations of the same phrase”, LSI can help you identify how to add stronger foundations to your year on year traffic-generating content this season.

For example:

If we were to write an article on COLD BREW COFFEE, LSI keywords for this could be BLACK COFFEE or COLD COFFEE. It would also include things like FILTER, GROUND COFFEE, COLD WATER, i.e. synonymous keywords too. Google expects you to have these LSI keywords in your content and across your website for it to consider you an authority. In regards to generating new content, LSI can be used to find potential holes to which you can build on.

What tools should I use?

LSI graph is a great tool to identify LSI keywords for a theme that you want to rank well for. Simply:

  1. Type your keyword in
  2. You’ll be given a list of the most relevant LSI keyword titles
  3. Take note of any trends you see in the titles and write these down – they are likely to be LSI keywords you’ll need in your content
  4. Click on the most relevant one and repeat till you get a good list of related LSI keywords that you can add into your articles to boost their prowess

(nb you are limited to 3 searches a day so make sure you use the tool wisely)

Generating new content is also incredibly important for your rankings. You can also use LSI to find potential holes in your content calendar. Whilst doing the above, look out for themes to which you DO NOT already have in your content repertoire. Is this something you can write a whole new article on? Or, is this something you can add to your original article to make it more valuable?

When writing new content, make sure to add the keywords found, within your title, text and alt tags.

Pro tip: Make sure you link from your new articles to your older year on year evergreen article.

Need some more content ideas this year? Check out our Content Ideas Quiz.

This was adapted from the chloédigital SEO Guide.

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