Lockdown Content Ideas for Influencers

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It’s a rare occasion where we suggest to our CD Babes to focus on content pivoting. We’re usually ramming home the importance of forward planning your content – which we must say is still incredibly true. However, it’s at times like these where new content, or revamped/updated content ideas reign king. Let’s discuss some Lockdown Content Ideas…

If you haven’t read our blog already on what you can do as a content creator, have a read!

To give you a leg up on this, we wanted to get the creative juices flowing by giving you some lockdown content ideas for based on the lifestyle changes affecting your audiences.


  • At-home spa ritual
  • Quick self-care tips
  • At home facial
  • How to remove gel nails
  • The perfect at-home manicure
  • How to manage grown out hair
  • Make-up for productivity/happiness
  • The best tutorials to watch right now
  • At-home facial massage

Home Decor:

  • Quick buys to elevate your home
  • Home office design tips
  • Organisation hacks
  • Upscaling projects to do at home
  • Transitioning home to office
  • How to make your home a haven
  • The best candles to boost productivity and relax
  • Creating a learning area for kids


  • The best at-home workouts
  • Amrap/hiit challenges
  • Bodyweight hiit
  • Quick hiit routines
  • Meal planning
  • At home spin/hiit/boxing/CrossFit/dance class
  • The best videos to watch for your at-home workout
  • Motivational tips to ensure your daily routine
  • The items you need for a full-body workout
  • Workouts to destress

Lifestyle & Motherhood:

  • Social distancing family tips
  • Keeping spirits high during lockdown
  • At-home activities for children
  • At-home activities for adults
  • How to ensure alone time
  • Tips for maintaining a relationship
  • Managing stress and anxiety during quarantine
  • Managing childcare during quarantine
  • The best educational videos/sites for kids


  • The best virtual tours
  • Travel bucket list
  • Tips for dealing with travel restrictions
  • How to support your local community
  • Setting roots at home
  • What I’m doing now that I’m not travelling


  • Meal plans for families
  • Easy Recipes
  • Store Cupboard essentials
  • Cooking with fewer ingredients
  • Spices to up your game
  • Baking 101
  • Ingredient substitutions
  • At home date night recipes


  • Wardrobe organisation
  • At home wear
  • Loungewear edit
  • Outfits to boost productivity
  • Video call dressing
  • Feelgood buys


  • DIY projects for kids
  • Craft projects for adults
  • Things to do with things at home
  • DIY art projects
  • DIY to unwind

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