Hold on to your readers!

Whilst you’re sending your traffic away to brands and product recommendations, have you stopped to think about how can you keep the reader on your site for longer? Are you actively trying to increase the number of pages per visit your reader is digesting? Are you making it easy for your reader to find your old, but equally relevant, content?

Apart from features like related articles and previous/next article widgets, you should be taking advantage of internal linking.

Whilst building out your internal linking on your articles, here are some considerations to make first:

  • Ensure you use links that would occur naturally
  • Match the hyperlinked text with the subject of the page you are sending them too
  • Avoid over linking

Some opportunities to look out for when adding internal links:

  1. Category Pages
  2. Tag Pages
  3. Blog posts you mentioned or are related to the topic and visual subject matter
  4. Shopping pages
  5. Subscribe page
  6. About page for more intimate articles

Ready to take your internal link game to the next level?

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