Introducing #teamCDtalks – Snapchat’s New Memories Feature

Today we’re really excited to launch our team’s latest oversharing project, #teamCDtalks – a new series on the blog where different members of our team will be sharing thoughts and insider reactions to industry news! Yay!


Snapchat’s game-changer Memories feature! For the first time, users can upload Snaps to the app in a non-chronological order, as well as videos and images not necessarily taken by the users themselves.


Chloé Adelia Watts (CA)

Surely you’ve heard of Chloé Watts by now, founder and CEO of chloédigital and all-round boss lady. Chloé is at the forefront of industry trends and always pushing the boundaries between Fashion and Tech.

Carina Toledo (CT)

Account Consultant at chloédigital. Carina is an experienced digital strategist with a flare for community building – and of course a Snapchat addict.



Back to you: what do you think of Snapchat’s new Memories feature? Do you think the app’s demographics is going to shift after this change?

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