Q+A with Chloé for a Small Business

With everything going on I feel a sense of duty to share any knowledge I’ve acquired over the years from being in business with other small business owners so we can all thrive or at least survive together.

On Instagram I asked my followers to submit questions and in this post I’ll share the answers plus link out to further resources. I live for a good resource!


Small Business Practices

1. Referrals from your existing customers to other small businesses in your industry or asking people you already know. Never be afraid to ask someone you know to connect you to someone you don’t yet. The worse thing that can happen is they say no and you continue living your life.

Cold outreach via Instagram and LinkedIn are your friends, send someone a DM and provide them with value first.

It’s also important to not only connect with the founders & CEO’s but also the people in those companies that make up the team. As they are rising talent if you are helpful and nice to them they’ll remember you throughout their career at any company.

2. There is no singular thing you need to do to market a new or small business, it takes a combination of many smaller strategies, seeing what works and then doubling down. When starting CD I used to do a mixture of complimentary blog consultation calls, writing content on the blog and social, growing an email list seeking referrals, and lots of free advice.


Websites don’t automatically show up on Google once they are live, it takes a while for Google’s Bot to crawl the web to find new content. To speed up the process submit your site to Google Search Console which will put you on their radar. Ensure your site is also primed and ready to be crawled by the Google bot by filling in your your site meta information and optimising your content for SEO.


Resources: What Google Wants From Me | Domain Ranking Factors | Free SEO Downloadables


WordPress will always be my favorite, its open source, therefore free and you can create pretty much anything with it. There are a plethora of themes available for portfolios whether copy or image heavy. You can find great ones on Themeforest, Creative Market or a hack I like to do is user Google to identify theme roundups e.g. “WordPress Portfolio Themes For Writer” or “Minimals WordPress Themes For Creatives”.


Resources: Digital Boss Basics: Own Your Sh*t | WordPress Hosting: The Good, The Great and The Ugly

Remote Working

I’ve been managing a remote team since the beginning of the business back in 2014. CD is bootstrapped so I was always looking for ways to find talent that I could afford at the time, I started off using websites like People Per Hour and Upwork.

The number one piece of advice I could offer for managing a remote team is to trust. Trust that you hired the right people and trust you’ve instilled the company ethos into them so they are passionate to “come to” work each day. Second is flexibility, my team work in many different countries and therefore we work across multiple timezones. Some of my development team like to work at night and others early in the morning. As long as everyone is giving their best and are able to communicate with other team members effectively I’m open to to different work hours across the team.

Third I’d say is efficient technical tools to track everyones work. We use Toptal for time tracking, Jira for project management and Slack for communication and file sharing.

Resources: The 9 best online collaboration tools for remote workers | Creative Ways to Keep Remote Employees Engaged

Content Marketing Funnel

An effective content marketing funnel is super important, you can’t just put out content and hope for the best!

Once you’ve identified who you are targeting for your products and services you need to ensure you have content at each stage of your funnel from Awareness, Interest, Consideration, Decision and Action. These can be called different names whether you read however have the same function in the funnel. Often I find small businesses stay in the Awareness phase without leading potential customers down the funnel however if leads are not nurtured through more tailored content they won’t convert.

Resources: Content and the Marketing Funnel | 2 Funnels Are Necessary for Content Marketing | How to Create a Successful Content Marketing Funnel



If you have any questions let me know in the comments or send me a DM.


Chloé x

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