It is time to go (IG) Live!

The IG Live BOOM is undeniable and the same goes for its benefits. We know you want to keep growing your Instagram reach and engagement so… it’s time to go live. In this article, you will find the best tips to improve your IG live strategy.

As there is no chance to edit, it is quite daunting for a perfectionist to jump onto an IG Live. But at chloédigital, we like to look on the bright side: you’re giving your audience the most authentic and transparent content.

Tori, from Fraiche Nutrition, is jumping on Lives for the first time and we wanted to share her testimonial with you so you know you’re not alone. “Instagram Lives are a bit intimidating if you over-think them!  No second chances, right? But honestly, I just realized that what the world needs right now, more than any other time that I can think of, is connection. Real connection, at least as real as it can get online!  Helping people feel more connected, and helping the US feel more connected with them in-turn, was my motivation.”, says Tori.

Below we’ve collected the best Instagram Live tips to overcome your IG Live fears and take your strategy to its next level.

Instagram Live Tips

  1. Set Goals – Set goals for your IG Live. This will not only help you to measure your success but also set up your mind for the messages you want to send across during your broadcasting.
  2. Plan! – You need to have an agenda before going live in order to know what you will be talking about to your audience and to even convince them to join you. This will help you to have a structure and avoid weird moments of silence. Even when doing short lives, you should have an agenda. As for example, Lauren, from, is doing “10 Minute Check In Chit Chats” with her #LGCommunity but with a plan: “for the first few minutes I share something of value whether it’s a home fitness tip or little inspirational nugget to uplift. Then, in the second half of the live, I open it up to random chit chat and questions. My community has shared they love gaining something from life as well as feeling as though they can have “girl time” with others. I’ve received countless messages from women who say this is a highlight of their day.”
  3. Timing – If you read our article on growing your Instagram, you already know how important it is to share content when your audience is online. With these lives, you should apply the same principle of studying your data trends to know the best time and even day to go live. However, with the increase of lives we know there would be multiple accounts going Live at the same time diving your audience attention. Be smart about the time you pick to don’t be affected by the boom of lives at the moment.
  4. Create a Series – Work on series to create a habit for your audience. Select a common topic and go live every day at the same time. Our CDBabe Lesley, from The Road Les Traveled has been doing Yoga every day with her audience at 9 am PST and seeing more and more followers tapping in into her lives. “I’ve done IG Lives off and on for the past couple years but never to this frequency. We are in front of our screens more than ever right now, and I want to spread positivity and hope in ways that I know how. I can do that through yoga, and there’s no better time to share my knowledge with anyone who will listen than right now.” said Lesley.
  5. Promotion – Promote your IG Live in advance: share Instagram Stories that detail the time (plus timezone) and date of your Instagram Live, use an Instagram Stories countdown sticker to mark the event, submit your live to Your Live Guide.
    Invite Take a next step on the live promotion inviting your audience to engage even before the live. How? Tell your audience what they can expect in the live broadcast, and invite them to share any questions they have in the comments. This can help your followers feel more engaged, and ultimately more likely to tune in!
  6. Background – Choose a location that fits into your brand and message and ideally with good lighting. It is not because it is unedited that you should drop the ball on picking the right location to do it.
  7. Do a joint live – You don’t need to do it alone, especially if you are afraid to start. Invite a friend, a brand or even a follower to join you during the live.
  8. Save it – Leave your Instagram Live on your Instagram Stories for 24 hours for your audience to catch up on if they didn’t have a chance to tune in or even if they would like to share it with a friend. Secondly, save your IG TV video and add it to IGTV (via mobile if it is less than 15min and via desktop if it is more than that).  This gives you the opportunity to keep promoting the live event even after it is over. As a result, you will be increasing your stream reach.
    1. How do I upload a video to IGTV on Instagram?
    2. How do I save a live video on Instagram to my phone’s camera roll?
  9. Create a Blog Post – Repurpose the content of your Live into a Blog Post so it is accessible forever and to a larger audience to discover it.

Instagram Live Tips

Later collected all the good tips step-by-step guide on how to go Live  – from camera settings to comments moderation and even branding tips. Take a look if you want your live to be spot on!

Ready to go live? Don’t forget to submit your IG Live into Your Live Guide . See you on IG!

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