10 Tips to Grow your Instagram

The new year is in full swing people: goals are set, strategies devised and new empires are on the making. To help you with your strategy journey, we are deep-diving the most love-hate platforms of all: Instagram. 

Since 2019, we’re noticing a common question across the industry: How can I grow my Instagram? Being such an important traffic source for most of our clients, we constantly have our ears to the ground platform developments. The initial question gets followed by multiple complaints and a sense of discouragement to be active on the platform. Well, let’s rip off the band-aid: if you are not feeling inspired to create content on the platform, you are less likely to influence your community through that channel. Your first to-do: make sure your content is fresh and inspires you! 

Our approach to Instagram needs to evolve as the platform evolves. Based on our position in the market, data and trends we are seeing, we have put together a list of actions you should take straight away to refresh your Instagram game:

Top 10 Instagram Tips for 2020

  1. Focus on the content instead of the aesthetic
  2. Spend less time editing your photos and more time creating content and engaging with other accounts
  3. Create long captions with valuable and evergreen tips for your audience
  4. Share more video content (everywhere! And not only on Stories and IG TV) 
  5. Invest time creating & testing Reels 
  6. Most of the time, an IGTV would work better than a Live; Most of the time a Reel will perform better than an IGTV: think about the goal, duration and purpose of the content to decide which is the best for you and your audience;
  7. Create Infographic-style Images inviting people to save them, share it and tag friends
  8. Keep using hashtags on your content to improve reach. Posts with at least one Instagram hashtag average have 12.6% more engagement than posts without a hashtag
  9. Don’t use banned  hashtags
  10. Optimize your posting time for when the majority of your followers are online
  11. A/B test your frequency, formats, timings and even the number of hashtags, making sure to do multiple rounds before analysing given the inconsistent algorithm 

Let’s stop doing the old same thing and bring innovation to your account.

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