Inspirational Tips for Mompreneurs

Being a mother is the hardest, and yet the most rewarding job out there. When you pair that with entrepreneurship, you get the most hardworking professional—the Mompreneur.

We want to send out kudos to all the amazing boss moms out there! You’re already doing an incredible job and §

Don’t Feel Guilty About “You” Time

Taking time to unwind is a basic prerogative for every human being. But in the midst of all your home and business chores, it’s really hard to schedule that guilt-free slot of pure bliss and relaxation. Self-care is utterly important and your ability to function in both of your roles depends on it.

For starters, stop multitasking your work as its doing your body, mind, and essentially your business, more harm than good. Next, schedule “Airplane” days—the times when you switch off all the notifications, put on your headphones and disconnect from the world, focusing on the key business tasks at hand.

Build a Support System

A mompreneur is the go-to person for so many people at once—your family, your clients, and your team. To remain sane and productive, you will need to:

  • Learn to effectively delegate certain chores.  
  • Stop judging yourself for not meeting your own “perfection” mom/boss standards.  

Allow your someone to step in for you, when you really need it. And don’t be afraid to admit to them that sometimes you “can’t do it all”. Get more advice from our blogging power couples and power-families who have shared loads of insights about working as a team here.

Find Your Work/Life Equilibrium

There will never be enough hours in the day to finish all your tasks. Without establishing a proper work/life balance you will constantly feel stressed about either aspect of your life. Find an arrangement that works best for you—sometimes that may mean late nights or weekend work, but it’s totally OK if that means more time for your children on the weekdays.

Be Present

Your attention is a scarce commodity. Whether you spend time with your family or grind on your business, you should be present with your full attention. Create a schedule to ensure that no side ends up with the short stick of your attention.

Work on Expanding Your Team

Great talent backs any successful entrepreneur. Having an incredible team to help you run your business can only make it better. So don’t be afraid to hire help!

Solve Big Business Problems First

As the old adage goes—“eat the frog first”. For mompreneurs, it’s especially important to do one major task first thing in the morning. Because later in the day “life” will always kick in and you may not find enough time to accomplish something important. Do you’re A+ business tasks first, and leave easier “B” and “C” ones for later. This way, you will feel more accomplished on a daily basis.

Celebrate Your Results

By focusing on the A+ business problems, you can see tangible results rolling in faster. Take a minute to celebrate those “small” and “major” wins, before you proceed to nudge yourself about not finishing some minor tasks. It’s OK to postpone the least “valuable” tasks for later or assign them to someone else.

Remember Your “Why”

It’s easy to lose your mojo when you no longer see the big “why” behind your actions. Remind yourself frequently why you are running your business—to grow professionally, to improve your families income, or merely to enjoy the process of doing something you love!

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