Enrolment closes July 31st at 11:00p.m. EDT
Enrolment closes July 31st at 11:00p.m. EDT
Enrolment closes July 31st at 11:00p.m. EDT
Enrolment closes July 31st at 11:00p.m. EDT
Enrolment closes July 31st at 11:00p.m. EDT
Enrolment closes July 31st at 11:00p.m. EDT
Enrolment closes July 31st at 11:00p.m. EDT
Enrolment closes July 31st at 11:00p.m. EDT
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Not sure where to

focus your

personalised brand efforts? DIVE INTO

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from our EXPERTS to help you LEVEL UP
and maximize your success


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Which Person
Sounds Like


Which Person
Sounds Like


The ‘overwhelmed’ Solopreneur

"I'm growing tired of not getting the results I desire."

“I get overwhelmed easily and tend to work harder than I should.”

“I could use some strategy or direction in developing my brand and increasing its visibility.”

“I would love to become savvy at increasing profits and even hire one full-time employee.”

The ‘Eager-to-Please’ Brand Owner

I have a really hard time dialling down exactly what to focus on.

I wish I had control over the algorithm.

Although I know what I want my end goal to be, I don't know how to get there or even how to get started.

I don't know how to come up with content to be able to be active on the platforms everyday.

Sometimes I feel burnout with Instagram and perfectionism.

The ‘Burned Out’ Creator

I let myself be influenced by the judgement of others.

I want people to respect me by taking me seriously.

I'm lacking structure, consistency and capable, reliable help.

I need strategy on how to refine my brand and grow.

Well, you're not alone...

Creator bar chart
60% of creators do not have a consistent way to reach their audiences.
Brand owner pie chart
70% of brand owners lack an organizational structure.
Solopreneur pie chart
40% of solopreneurs don’t have a financial tracker.
Time To Take Control
of Your Narrative.
It’s time to establish a powerful personal brand and drive more business success. Whether you're just starting to build your personal brand or looking to take it to the next level, IGNITE is the perfect match for you.
Get access to a comprehensive suite of strategies that help you create the consistent and professional image you deserve.

Introducing IGNITE From chloédigital: For Creators and Solopreneurs Looking to Boost Their Personal Branding Efforts

This 3-day program, spread out over a period of three months, provides all the resources and insider knowledge needed to succeed in the world of personal branding.

With IGNITE, you will be armed with the tools and strategies required to make a lasting impact and reach new heights in your personal brand.

And now it’s your turn to do the same on your own terms.


As a content creator, it can be hard to juggle everything within your business. Between filming, copywriting, editing, SEO, and strategic planning, something is bound to fall through the cracks. Working with chloédigital has kept me on track with my business goals...I was able to increase my revenue and my traffic- and that wouldn’t have been possible without chloédigital's support!

Tomi Obebe
Tomi Obebe

“A Goal Without a Plan, it’s only a Wish” I’ve always had big dreams but with CD I’ve learned how to focus on setting goals and take actions to achieve them. Their team helped me to switch my activity from being a hobby to a business and can’t wait to grow more with them in 2022.”

Greta, The Cihc
Greta, The Cihc

“Having our calls and our monthly meetings provided that accountability I needed to achieve my goals and know the next steps to take. It was the analytics, how the reports were done, the way everything was broken down, and the easy, actionable steps for me.”

Here's a taste of what you'll learn:

How to maximize the earning potential of your personal brand 
How to create a personal brand statement that truly represents you and speaks to your community/audience.
Insights into your online brand footprint and how to develop it in line with your brand statement.
Proven strategies to help you manage and deliver on your personal brand, both online and in person.
How to track your progress and measure the success of your personal branding efforts.
Techniques to overcome roadblocks that may come your way

The IGNITE Experience

Expert Course Leaders

Passionate personal brand specialists who are always up-to-date with the latest trends on all digital platforms.
High-quality Delivery

Our trainers are assessed annually based on their quality of delivery and engagement.
Live sessions

IGNITE is delivered through engaging live sessions with live Q&A opportunities, allowing for personalized interaction and support. You will also have access to our comprehensive Vault featuring all recordings.
Small Class Sizes

No more than 15 people per cohort to ensure that you get the most out of our course leaders and have a personalized learning experience.
Access to Course Materials

Designed to be actionable and help you implement what you've learned.
Community access

Dynamic community forum to connect and collaborate with peers.

Grow Mode is much more than a course.

Get access to brand development strategies — from Social Media, Email Marketing, SEO, Content Monetization, Audience development + engagement, etc. – that guide you to success.

Because there are a FEW THINGS more frustrating than pouring your time, emotions, and resources into a brand that only attracts… eyeballs and almost nothing else.

We can help you replace your current struggles with confidence and success — so that in just a few months, this could be you:

Who is
Grow Mode

Take this quiz to find out if Grow Mode will work for you!

You’ll be exposed to proven methods and digital trends to navigate through all the noise.

Take the quiz
I am:
I want to grow a loyal tribe who see me for the expert that I am, and will become raving fans of my expertise.
It would feel great knowing how to keep my audience engaged and what content will help me stand out from the clutter — without the guesswork.
I want to boost my brand image so it can stay memorable in peoples' minds and connect positively with them.
I want to always get the results I want to see, stay more organised, and attract the right people to my team.
I want to provide the right emotions in my target audience and position my brand as the 'no-brainer' option.

A few things we have helped entrepreneurs achieve:

Total Revenue for a lifestyle creator was $300k in 2021 with a 33% increase in the first half of 2022
Increase in Brand Partnerships (8 to 18) for a personal brand in 6 months
TikTok growth from 77k - 121k in a month achieved for a fitness creator
Instagram growth for a personal brand from 96k to 120k in a month
Viral strategy takes mom creator to 12M monthly likes on TikTok, a 364% increase.

What's included:

Your Curriculum

First Month: The Personal Branding Deep Dive


For the first month, you'll understand the key concepts and principles of personal branding and learn how to create and promote your own personal brand.

What We’ll Cover

Why now is the best time to pay attention to your personal branding

The elements of a personal brand and how to define them

Understanding your audience and what they want to see in your personal brand

By the End of Month 1:

You’ll have a deeper understanding of personal branding and be able to use the tools and techniques you have learned in the course to create a strong personal brand that helps you stand out.

Second Month: Supercharging Your Personal Brand


Building a personal brand is one thing, but making it truly stand out in a crowded market takes effort and strategy. For the second month, your focus will be all about taking your personal brand to the next level by doubling down on the elements that make you unique.

What We’ll Cover:

You’ll learn how to amplify your reach with strategic tips on how to resonate better with your audience

You’ll get actionable tips on how to foster a loyal community around your brand

You’ll get guidance on how to own your story and use it to create a unique brand that commands attention

You’ll gain insight into the platforms that best fit your personality, the content that suits you best and the formats to consider

By the End of Month 2:

You’ll learn how to reach more people, build a loyal following, optimize your results and maximize your impact.

Third Month: Pushing Through Barriers


Building a personal brand is not always easy and there will be many obstacles and roadblocks along the way. For the third month, you’ll learn how to push through these barriers and stay on track with your personal branding journey.

What We’ll Cover:

You’ll understand how to measure your results and optimize your processes for better outcomes

Strategies for staying on track with your personal branding goals

Tips for managing imposter syndrome and self-doubt

Techniques for building confidence in your personal brand

Tips for making the most of limited equipment and resources

Strategies for leveraging free tools and resources to promote your personal brand

Tips for cutting through the noise and getting noticed

By the End of Month 3:

You’ll learn how to track results, overcome fear of rejection and imposter syndrome, build a personal brand with limited resources and stand out in a crowded market.

Grow Mode is always in your corner helping you unlock the confidence, mindset, and strategies to blaze your own path.

Plus, Bonuses Worth $5000


1-1 strategic time with a CD Growth Manager (Worth $$$)

30 min session during the course and 45 min after finishing it 


Find Your Own Motivation Worksheet (Worth $$$

Uncover what drives you, what you're passionate about and what you can achieve through your personal brand. By completing this worksheet, you'll gain clarity and focus, and be well on your way to developing a strong personal brand.


Content Creation for Personal Branding Worksheet(Worth $$$)

Includes prompts and tips to help you brainstorm ideas, determine the best formats for your content and develop a consistent brand voice and style. You'll be creating meaningful and effective content in no time.


Personal Branding Content Bank(Worth $$$)

A comprehensive resource of everything you need to create a unique, authentic image and maintain a strong personal brand.


Content Calendar Template (Worth $$$)

Plan and organize your content creation in advance, so you can approach your personal branding in a consistent and strategic way. With space for topics, posting dates and other relevant information, you'll have everything you need to keep your content creation process on track.


Personal Branding Tracker (Worth $$$)

Track your progress and measure the impact of your personal branding efforts. You'll be able to see what's working well, what needs improvement and gain valuable insights into your audience engagement and reach.


Guest Experts (Worth $$$)

Gain valuable insights and perspectives on personal branding from top experts. They'll share their own experiences, offer advice and help deepen your understanding and enhance your personal branding skills.

Now You Ask, “Is Ignite Right For Me”?

IGNITE is for you if…

You’re a solopreneur or creator looking to grow and monetize your audience

You want to level up your inbound sales and marketing activity

You’re looking to connect with the right audience

You want to raise your profile within your industry but don’t know where to start

You’d appreciate some practical advice on how to boost your confidence and presence in front of your audience

You're ready to commit to your goals.

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Grow Mode isn't For
You If...

You’re not sure if you want to start a business or if the digital space is even right for you

You aren’t willing to fully commit and put in the work

You plan to build a money-losing business

You prefer textbook learning based on outdated techniques and strategies

You prefer your friend or family member’s opinion over an expert in the field

But that's not you.


Despite the hit of the pandemic on my travel business, my Growth Manager’s guidance helped me recoup and boost my traffic...as well as my affiliate revenue on my site.

After taking the leap from my full-time job at Google to focus on What the Fab, chloédigital gave me the strategy, support, insights and industry trends I needed to focus on what matters. Despite the hit of the pandemic on my travel business, my Growth Manger’s guidance helped me recoup and boost my traffic back up to normal levels. Now, my traffic has continued to grow as well as my affiliate revenue on my site.

Elise Armitage

Beyond Ready to Transform Your Personal Brand?

Unlock Expert Strategies and Exclusive Bonuses that help you scale.

limited time early bird offer
Act fast and save $250
Regular price: $1750
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It’s so cohesive and personable… like a fun, little club to be in where everyone is doing cool stuff and supports each other.

I wouldn’t have known where to look for half of the information that I’ve gotten through the team. Besides that, everyone on the team is so simple, friendly, and responsive. It really felt like they cared. They were dedicated and interested in everything about me down to my personality. It’s so cohesive and personable… like a fun, little club to be in where everyone is doing cool stuff and supports each other.

Chris, Cats & Coffee

So, how would you want your story to end?

Join grow mode

Get personalized support based on your goals, business status, and industry

Stay on track and crush your goals with a dedicated accountability partner

WOW your audience with our knowledge offers + a 360-view across multiple platforms and content types

Buy a course

Go down a rabbit hole of generic, outdated and cookie-cutter information you won’t need

Get bored with the information overload and keep worrying about your ‘yo-yo’ progress

Keep eyeballing your competition even though you know you can do better


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“I made over $160,000 in 2021 with 50k followers across all platforms!”

As a content creator, I used to think I needed to have about 100k-500k followers to make what I desired. But with approximately 50k followers across all platforms, I was able to make over $160,000 in 2021. My growth manager has been my No.1 cheerleader as well.

Tomi, Good Tomi Cha

Your pressing questions... Answered

Ignite is a little sister of Grow Mode. Ignite is designed to help you create a strong, authentic brand that resonates with your audience. With Grow Mode, you'll have everything you need to build a scalable and sustainable business and see desired results – from the guidance of insightful data to a dedicated Growth Manager.

While we don’t offer refunds for Ignite at this time, if you would like to talk more about how Ignite can benefit you, please send an email to cdbabe@chloedigital.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

IGNITE is delivered through engaging live sessions with live Q&A opportunities, allowing for personalized interaction and support. You will also have access to our comprehensive Vault featuring all recordings and a dynamic community forum to connect and collaborate with peers.

Besides the time spent during the course, we highly recommend dedicating 4-6hours after each session to work on your homework and create a plan of action based on the knowledge shared. This will allow you to fully absorb the information and apply it to your business for long-term growth and success.


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