How Your BFF Can Help You Grow Your Business

Blogging is an incredibly rewarding business which depends vastly on relationships: the relationship you build with your audience, brands, PRs, but also in a very special way with the bloggers in your network.

One of the wonderful aspects of the blogging community is the possibility it gives to meet inspiring like-minded, creative people whom you can develop strong bonds with. To celebrate the upcoming International Day Of Friendship (on July 30th!) we’ve shared four actionable ways bloggers can utilise friendships to grow their business. Read on!


When bloggers think of each other as friends and supporters rather than potential competitors, beautiful things always come along the way. One of the perks of developing such relationships is the possibility to introduce each other to new trends, but also to set up collaborations with brands together.

This is what happened to bloggers Michelle Madsen from Take Aim and Brittany Xavier from Thrifts and Threads, who not only have become BFFs but have also starred together as the faces of the latest J Brand collection campaign.

…Didn’t this melt your heart?!


Image from The Miller Affect's post on 'Rompers For DIfferent Body Types', featuring Amanda Miller & friends. Image from The Miller Affect’s post on ‘Rompers For Different Body Types’, featuring Amanda Miller & friends.

An actionable way to support each other is by promoting each other. This goes under the name of features or guest posting and it’s a great way to get featured on larger websites, increasing pageviews and traffic. You can trust experts Amanda Miller from The Miller Affect, who’s always happy to curate new bloggers’ features on her site, and Amanda Holstein from Advice From a Twenty Something, who suggested it as an essential blogging tip!

StyleMeCrush by Style Me Grasie featuring chloédigital members Grasie Mercedes and Michelle Madsen Image from Style Me Grasie’s ‘Style Me Crush: Take Aim’, featuring Michelle Madsen and Grasie Mercedes.

You can also take inspiration from Style Me Grasie’s founder, Grasie Mercedes, who in 2014 decided to launch the monthly series Style Me Crush featuring some of the bloggers she’s inspired by. Every month she picks the latest blogger she’s crushing on and they shoot together an outfit post, starring a trend they both like. Grasie’s series has had so much success among her readers that after the first post, seventeen other bloggers have been featured, including, Jenny Bernheim of Margo and Me, Sazan Barzani of Sazan, Marta Pozzan, Brittany Xavier of Thrifts and Threads, and Michelle Madsen of Take Aim.

Guest posting can do wonders for your blog and for your SEO. You can find out more about the benefits of this practice and other networking tips in this post.


Connecting with other bloggers in your niche is a brilliant way to ampliate your market but it’s also reassuring to know that you can always count on someone else to have your back. A fellow blogger understands everything you’re going through, it be a celebratory milestone or a moment of crisis. When you turn blogging into a professional career, you soon realize how it’s a full time job and having someone who can fully understand you, advise you, and on whom you can always count on is absolutely precious.

See bloggers Ella Gregory of Coco’s Tea Party and Monica Welburn of The Elgin Avenue: they’ve gone through thick and thin together and both their friendship and careers benefit from their mutual understanding and support. Ella explains it beautifully in one of her recent posts: “Monica from The Elgin Avenue has supported me through numerous blog dramas […] simply by being on the end of a phone call. Laughing doesn’t fix the situation, but it certainly makes it feel less daunting”.

And Monica actually did more than just being on the end of a phone call. She reached out to her Instagram’s followers to ask to share Ella love and support: “Guys please send your love to my friend @CocosTeaParty […] please keep her in your thoughts & pop by her IG to give her a friendly hello!” Simply the most thoughtful IG post!

A blogger friend is also someone you can enjoy the rosè cheers with when attending glam events! Blogger babes Jennifer Palpallatoc of Haute Off The Rack and Nikki Minton of My Style Diaries are definitely the glam friends couple you should be looking at!


The beauty of friendship is that it always pushes you to be the best version of yourself and have your friend’s best interests always in mind. In the blogging community, opportunities come and go very fast and very often. Sometimes you happen to receive an offer who doesn’t appeal to you or won’t resonate with your audience, but before turning it down you might want to forward it to your blogger BFF – who you know could be the best fit for it. After all, sharing is always caring!


Friends are the people who help make our life a roller coaster of adventures and give friendship badges and #squadgoals hashtags a meaning. As style publishers, your first sponsored post or first PR event are hard to forget. But how about the first blogger friend you made? That first time you felt part of a bigger community and found yourself surrounded by like-minded, empowering people? And how awesome is it when your bestie belongs to your same business niche and can truly understand the perks and difficulties of the industry you so much love?

Happy International Day of Friendship to all our beautiful style publishers!


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