How to Write Kick-Ass CTA’s For Your Blog Posts

Good things happen when you write kick-ass CTA’s for your blog post.

You get more comments, more social shares, more email subscribers and even a higher income.

Without a clear call-to-action, only a very small percentage of your readers will actually act upon something the way you’d like them to.

Before you hit “Publish” for the next blog post, make sure you’ve included at least one strong CTA following on our tips!

Step 1: Determine the Right Type of CTA to Use

Here’s a quick overview of different CTA’s you can include in your blog posts:

Check out my product CTA: includes a box at the bottom with copy text, and button(s) to check a specific product/service you offer.

Connect on social media CTA: includes links to your promoted social media profiles and an encouragement to follow you there e.g. Want to see more pics from my latest trip? Check out my Instagram @awesomeblogger.

Tweet this CTA: encourages users to share parts of your content on Twitter (e.g. a quote/a takeaway etc).

Subscribe to my Newsletter CTA: offer your readers to get blog updates via email! Growing your email list should be one of your top priorities, so to double the power of this CTA include a sweet bait to make subscription to your newsletter sound uber attractive, e.g. “Download my Instagram photo-editing cheat sheet” CTA leading to your subscription page.

Comment CTA: asks your readers to share their thoughts on the topic in the comment section. The perfect CTA to boost your overall blog engagement rates! Remember to ask open-ended questions that encourage responses and discussion. People love to share their experiences and thoughts, you just have to learn to ask in an engaging manner.

In line CTA: a quick reminder within the written copy to check out another post on the subject, or your product/service page. Deep linking within your content can be a great way of keeping your audience in your site for longer, through related content that interests them most.

Depending on your blog posts topic, style and target audience you should decide on which action will bring you the best results.

For instance, if you are launching an e-course or a new service, crafting a blog post on the similar topic and including a bottom CTA to check out your product should yield great results!

Step 2: Decide on The Amount of CTA’s

The rule of thumb is to offer one CTA per blog post, as out of two different options people tend to choose neither ☺

However, some CTA’s can be mixed well when placed strategically e.g. a Tweet this CTA, placed in the middle of your blog post, can organically co-exist with a bottom-post CTA to subscribe to your newsletter or leave a comment.

You can also combine in-line CTAs to check relevant blog posts with a bottom CTA to connect with you on social media.

Step 3: Choose a CTA Based on the Target Post Persona

Always choose the CTA depending on the persona you are targeting in the blog post. For instance, offering an Instagram photo editing cheat sheet as newsletter bait in a “healthy eating tips” blog post won’t score you the best results.

Segment your audience and choose to offer different CTA’s for the different subjects you cover on your blog.



Back to you: Do you use CTA’s in your blog posts? Which ones bring you the best results? Share them in the comments below!

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