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Strategic Thinking How To Write A Compounding Post

Your blog’s content varies according to your interests, personality and editorial styles preferences. However, there is one type of blog posts that you should not miss out on writing: a compounding post.

Simply put compounding content are blog posts that see an increase in traffic over time, topping the initial traffic that they generated shortly after publication. Therefore this type of posts can be the kind of boost your blog needs as well as help your site to reach out a wider audience. Keep on reading to find out TeamCD’s top tips to write a killer compounding post!


Tactical posts that focus on broad topics can attract a wide range of readers as offering a tactical piece of advice will never go out of style. Going broad and tactical is a smart choice and allows you to write product reviews, processes breakdowns or instructions on particular issues close to your readers, i.e. if you’re focusing on lifestyle and health topics ‘how to deal with stress’ could be a great evergreen title.


Titles are the cherry on top of a brilliantly written blog posts but they can also be a dealmaker. Indeed, titles can be considered as a make it or break it as a catchy title is what can make a difference between a viral and nonviral post. Compounding titles usually include words like “top” or “best” or are written in the “how-to” format. The reason why is because these titles tend to reflect common readers’ search phrases as well as indicate that your blog content will advise them on how to accomplish something.


A key criteria of compounding posts is their ability to be both relevant and applicable to your readers’ everyday life. For example, try to mix up practical info with key data and infographics or guides: this way you’ll have accessible but also actionable content. And don’t forget to give your readers a few example that can be either based on personal experience or research.


An easily digested post structure is another key factor as it helps your readers to quickly grab the info they’re after. Use images, interlinks, clear headers, strong bullet points to help you be as clear as possible. Readers nowadays have a very short attention span and very busy lives so make sure that your posts clearly displays all the answers to their question and that they can quickly grab the info they’re looking for!

And of course if you want your post to go viral don’t forget to make it shareable, giving your audience the opportunity to share your insightful content with their friends and network!


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