Level up your Engagement with Memes!

One of the keys for digital success is the engagement you are able to create as a brand, yes – you are a content creator, you have a brand. However, the biggest challenge is how to be successful in creating engaging content. If you are feeling that way, this is an article you need to read till the end because you will learn one of the most powerful formats you can use to create meaningful interactions: memes! Yes! Memes! We will explain to you the benefits of using memes and how to use memes as a content creator.

Raise your hand if you have shared a meme before. Raise your hand if a meme made you laugh. Raise your hand if you have talked about memes in real life. So why not use this stellar format on your communications too?

When we talk about having a good engagement with your audience, we are talking about multiple channels and not only Instagram. Meaning you can use memes in different channels that will benefit from the engagement you’re creating – as for example:

  • On Youtube videos
  • On Newsletters
  • On Instagram & Facebook
  • On your Blog

Keep always in mind a cross-channel perspective to maximize the reach of your message. On our CD World From Home Summit, we had a dedicated session on How to Repurpose your Visual Content.

What’s a meme?

A meme usually takes the form of a picture or GIF often with text layered over the image.

In order to create a sense of belonging, normally memes convey a familiar theme. The main idea is to represent a situation your audience can relate to.

Memes are supposed to be shared and reposted to express alignment and a sense of belonging to the situation portrayed.

The benefits of using memes

The biggest benefit of using memes is the engagement you will create with your audience through two powerful emotions: empathy & joy. However, there are more positive consequences to add to the list:

  • Show your personality
  • Strengthen your relationship with your follower/reader/subscriber
  • Improve the community sense
  • Boost brand recall
  • Increase your content shareability giving you the opportunity to reach a new audience
  • Up your conversions


How to use memes as a content creator?

To start, you have two different routes to take :

  1. Create your own meme
  2. Use a meme created by a third party but always considering the applicable  copyright law

Ready to have some fun?

You can start playing with a tool, like Imgflip Meme Generator, that allows you to add the copy over an image and download it. Super easy and intuitive to use! Look at what we just created using Imgflip:

Just a few more bonus tips before you go:

  1. Keep your brand voice
  2. Be authentic, funny and relatable
  3. Appeal to nostalgic moments or react to a recent event
  4. Have fun – if you don’t your audience won’t feel entertained either.

We can’t wait to see your memes coming to life – share it with us by tagging @chloedigital so we can see the memes you are creating.

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