How To Use Intelligence Alerts in Google Analytics

A blogger without Google Analytics is like a driver without a rearview mirror – you can survive, but will probably miss something major heading your way.

You already know how to interpret Google Analytics, use it for mapping out your fashion blog’s strategy  and showcase the key numbers in your media kit to potential advertisers.

Today, we’ll tell you about another important Google Analytics feature that can offer you some interesting insights: Google Intelligence Alerts.


What are Google Intelligence Alerts and Why Do You Need Those

The Google Analytics Help Guides say the following: “Analytics monitors your website’s traffic to detect significant statistical variations, and then automatically generates alerts, or Intelligence Events, when those variations occur.”

In simple words – you get notified about major issues happening at your website e.g. no traffic or revenue drop by xxx%. You know the really important things you should know about immediately.


The Pros of Using Intelligence Alerts

  • You get notified within 24 hours
  • You can set up text alerts to your phone if you live in US
  • You can hawk over any significant metric and dimension in Google Analytics

The Cons of Using Intelligence Alerts

  • Setting up a large amount of alerts is rather time-consuming
  • No text notifications available outside the US
  • You can’t share your alerts with anyone else.


Why Google Intelligence Alerts are Useful for your Fashion Blog

You are visiting an important niche event. You are here to network with the sponsors and plan to land a few good partnerships.  How embarrassing you would feel if your Google Analytics code broke and doesn’t track the stats (and you had no clue about that)?

Another example – you’ve spent hours on networking with a major fashion publisher and securing a guest article there. Now, you’d like to see the actual results of all your hard work without being glued to your analytics for hours.


How to Set up Google Intelligence Alerts

Now as you do realize the whats and whys, let’s move to the practicalities. Setting up basic Intelligence Alerts isn’t too complicated. Just follow the next steps:

  1. Sign in your Google Analytics Account
  2. Select Intelligence Events > Overview
  3. You already have a few automatic alerts set up showing you the weekly/monthly changes in traffic for certain pages.

Now, let’s talk about creating custom alerts.

  • Choose a respective tab and click “Manage alerts button”.
  • Next, click the red “+New Alert” button.
  • Name the alert
  • Choose a period (Day/Week/Month)
  • Modify the Alert Conditions.

The latter will specify the metrics and dimensions that should change in order to activate a notification.

To make things simpler for you, here are a few essential alert recipes shared by Martijn Scheijbeler on

Get notified about any crucial issues

Traffic Notifications

Want to get notified when your post goes viral and know the exact sources from where the people are coming? Set up the following alerts:

IncreaseDecrease in organic traffic
IncreaseDecrease in referral traffic from a specified source (Useful to track results from guest posts)
IncreaseDecrease in direct traffic

Ecommerce Notifications

Get notified about any important issues with your store:


Do you use Google Intelligence Alerts? What are the top events you are tracking?

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