How To Turn Your Content Into Blog Series

Blog series are a great way to get more pageviews on your blog, boost engagement rates and create a space where you can go deeper into the topic without overwhelming people.

To create an amazing blog series, you’ll need to outline the next three elements first:

  • Topic
  • Plan
  • Execution roadmap.

How To Find a Great Topic For Blog Series

Step 1: Your topic should be rather broad to make it into a series. Have you ever started writing a blog post and realized 1.000 words later that you have barely touched the surface? That’s a sign of a potentially great series topic.

For instance, “social media tips” is a huge subject. Tips could be broken down to specific platforms e.g. Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat and so on; plus tools to use, tips on using ads and paid promotion -and many more aspects to cover!

Don’t miss a great opportunity by putting lots of effort into condensing great ideas into a single post – sometimes, it’s just meant to be a series!

Step 2: Validate your series idea. Are you sure your readers would love to know more about this particular subject? Here’s how:


  • Find the top 5 posts according to your Google Analytics. Are they on a similar subject? Were they written in a similar style? Did you post them to the same category? Jot down those details.
  • Browse through the comments on those posts. What questions did your readers ask? Did they want more information on subject X or didn’t understand the Y concept you’ve briskly mentioned?
  • Re-read your fan mail. What are the common questions people ask you privately? What do they feel keen to know? Remember to check your Social Media feedback too!
  • Test-drive your final ideas with a quick survey on social media or via newsletter. Asking directly from your community is the ultimate way to get quality tips.

Map Out Your Blog Series in Advance

Considering you already have a few topics in mind, let’s give them an exact shape. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many posts do I want to write?
  • How long will I run the series?
  • Will I include breaks between the series posts?

    Commit to a doable schedule.
    For instance, if you’d like to run a tutorial series, a few weeks would be enough. However, if you are aiming for a larger scale e.g. “Beauty Tuesdays”, you need to make sure you can truly commit to producing enough content on the subject over an extended time span.

Tips For Creating Engaging Blog Series

Introduce your series.  You should write a brief introductory post about the new series you are launching. Additionally, offer your readers to track this content more easily by introducing a branded #hashtag, creating a dedicated category on your blog and even a special email list.

Include effective series navigation.  Mention your previous post in the beginning of a new one and give a quick sneak-peek into the upcoming post in the end. After your series are finished, consider creating a separate page, where all the posts can be easily accessed.

Create a series graphic complimentary to all the posts in the series. This will help to tie the series posts together and remind readers that there’s more similar content available.



Back to you: Have you ever created blog series? What results did they bring for your blog? Would love to know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. I once created a short series of trying out three trends reported in Porter Magazine. It kept engagement more steady than ever (new blogger) and it was only a three part series. I think this a really great article and I’ll be implementing it my next series for sure. Thank you!

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