How to Increase Clicks and Reduce Bounce Rate

Optimising your content search display to increase clicks and reduce bounce rate is one of the best investments you can make and should be at the forefront of your continual strategy! The trick? While you are working on your content calendar planning new content, you should also take a few hours per week to look at how your old content is performing.

Using Search Console can help you understand why your site is performing well (or poorly) in organic search and take targeted action to improve the traffic coming to your website.  

First, login into your Google Search Console Account and start by taking a look at the articles with the highest impressions. Take note of these! Then, log in on your WordPress backend: prioritising articles with high impressions and poor clicks, how can you better optimize how this content is displayed on SERPs to get more clicks and improve bounce rate? Here are some opportunities:


  1. Update the meta description, SEO title and focus keyword 
  2. Use your blog’s name for branding purposes in the SEO title 
  3. Crawl the article again by submitting the URL into Search Console 


During this process, make sure the information matches with the searches queries people are typing in to find you. Your edits will tell potential visitors what to expect when clicking a link.

This tactic will allow you to increase clicks and reduce bounce rate from your visitors coming via organic traffic: the effective meta description can greatly increase click-through rates and a relatable SEO title will reduce the bounce rate. A curated search display result will be the first key to drive the traffic to your blog.

If you would like to dive deep into SEO, we will recommend you to take a look into our Influencer SEO Guide with a complete plan of action, trends and tactics to improve your search position.

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