How to Strategically Plan Your Fashion Blog with Google Analytics

Google analytics is critical in virtually all areas of online business and fashion bloggers can benefit a lot from it. It’s a great tool to track diverse elements of a blog, from the number of visitors on the site, the amount of revenue generated in a specific month, geographical location of visitors and the exact pages visitors to the site are interested in among others. Note that Google analytics does not share your IP address, user name, personal information or any other sensitive information!

Know your audience better

Google analytics allows you to understand readers to your fashion blog and often under valued. It allows you to filter information for easier use, such as selecting information by continent, city or even country. It’s also easy to know the top readers in your fashion content in a specific month or year. As you look at this information, lots of surprising outcomes will be observed. You might realise top visitors are from another country and interested in certain content or products on your fashion blog. Be inspired to write and publish fashion events and products in these geographical locations to directly meet their needs.

SEO insight and strategy

Google analytics helps you to strategically prime your fashion blog for certain keywords/key phrases, enhancing your search engine optimization strategy. Apart from checking the organic terms in search via analytics, you can create a working strategy you can execute any time. Start by sorting the organic search term list either by average visit duration or visits/pages, aside from just visits. In the process you will understand the audience visiting your blog through organic search words. Rank the search terms as per the engagement level and not by visit numbers only. Use the right filters to sort and glean as much information as you can.

Distinguish between returning and new visitors

As you grow your fashion blog, constantly monitor the ratio of new visitors to those returning to your site. This lets you know the number of new audience coming into your site for a specific period of time, say a month or daily, including the number of returning audience. The idea is ensuring there is a healthier mix between those finding your fashion blog for the first time and the number of returning audience. Keep track of the numbers weekly, fortnightly or monthly so that it can help you craft a working marketing strategy constantly.

Plan for the right content readers are interested in

With Google analytics you’ll never run out of writing ideas and goes even further than that. It lets you know what terms visitors to your fashion blog are using. In the process you can use these keywords and key phrases to come up with strategic blog posts or even optimise the content of already published posts. Check out the first 10 or 20 search times and you just might be amazed. Take a snapshot of each of these search times on a monthly or yearly basis and use the information to ascertain whether there are changing trends or the search behaviour remains the same over time.

User behaviour in real-time

Once you have sent a newsletter, strategic mass emails or shared images and posts on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, you need to know how visitors and audience are reacting to the content in real time. Google analytics allow this to happen. Successful fashion related campaigns are monitored and you get to learn how many users are in certain pages on your site, also in real-time.


Have you tried Google Analytics? Discovered anything surprising? Let us know in the comments!

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