How to Stay Creative as a Content Creator

During times like this, staying creative could be quite daunting. Your mind is getting distracted by the news, your heart is feeling the uncertainty of the moment and the outdoor limitations are restricting you. It leaves little space for mental clarity and the creativity can start to fade.

At chloédigital, we have been publishing multiple articles per week to provide you with advice and working on new creative projects like the Your Live Guide and the Small Business Big Influence. We could say that the pandemic really brought our mission to the spotlight: empowering digital businesses.

What about creators like you? What have they been doing to stay creative? We have asked our CDBabes for their advice and it is now time to tell you all.

How to Stay Creative as a Content Creator

  • “During lockdown I’m pouring more time than usual into my health and wellbeing, to help counter-balance the stress of the news, and to keep my mind and body active. By prioritising my wellbeing I know that I can bring the best version of ‘work me’ to the table, even when things are turbulent elsewhere.” – Monica, from The Elgin Avenue (for more tips from Monica on how to stay motivated working from home, click here)
  • “Learn when to stop. I think sometimes we think pushing through will make something better, but it doesn’t. We often don’t produce our best when something is forced. I find it best to stop, take a break, and clear your mind. Let something like a brisk walk and nature inspire you!” – Elly, from Uptown With Elly Brown
  • “Relaxing, hand in hand with creativity, is a must. Work it how you can and when you can. Switch off the depressing at night and focus on the positive: it’s not denial, it is preserving our sanity. Furthermore, creativity and self-motivation are paramount as most of us face an indefinite, ‘lockdown’ but there is no reason we can’t take it slow. Slow is not idle and slow is not slack; it is considered. This is our moment to be considered in what we do and make positives from this world-changing crisis.” – Vicki, from Vicki Archer (for more tips on how to how to keep up the momentum during this “lockdown”, click here)
  • “The best way I’m keeping the creative juices flowing is I’m not focusing on gaining new followers but caring for the ones I have right now.  Jamila, my CD Consultant, encouraged me to ask my audience what they wanted during that time. I thought I knew from DMs, comments, and threads in my blog’s Facebook group but that blog post I wrote asking them outright was amazing.  It not only gave me ideas, but it connected me to my most dedicated audience in a new and more intimate way. It also motivated my audience to speak up more, resulting in more personal and detailed responses on social, the blog, and by email. I want more than ever to give them the content they desire for the support they have given me.  When I’m crafting, I am thinking of these individuals, the stories they shared, how their lives have been impacted, and what I can do to offer help, motivation, direction, or just a fun distraction from the news.” – Alison, from Wardrobe Oxygen 
  • “I personally like to workout in the morning and I think it sets the day on a good note, especially right now. I love Melissa Wood’s workouts that are more Pilates, Yoga, and low intensity or Kayla Itsines Sweat app if I want something to really get my heart up. I’ve also been working out with my friend Leah via FaceTime. She’s offering facetime private classes right now. If you are interested feel free to DM her!” – Pam, from The Girl From Panama (for more tips on a routine for staying safe and positive right now, click here)
    “I’ve been collecting coffee table books for years and have amassed quite an assortment – from interior design to vintage films to fashion and cooking! But I’ve never really paid too much attention to the words – just the photos! Lastly, I’ve been finding a ton of inspiration flipping through my old coffee table books and researching the authors of each one! It’s like Instagram, but the old school way. Currently, I’m reading “The Finer Things – Timeless Furniture, Textiles and Details” by Christiane Lemieux.” – Steph, from The Style Bungalow
  • “More than ever, I’m thinking of my readers and what they’re looking for. What will they find helpful, and what will foster and maintain a sense of connection? I read through my readers’ comments daily, and make notes on any questions they’ve asked or challenges they’ve mentioned, and try to incorporate those subjects in my posts.” – Susan, from Une Femme

Looking for more actionable tips? Check our article on what you can do as a content creator.

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