How To Set Up Conversions In Google Analytics

Do you know you can set up goals (“conversions goals”) within your Google Analytics (GA)? No? Well, let us show you, because, trust us, they’re going to be big for you to audit your website performance beyond page views and time on page.

You can use conversion goals to track website purchases, newsletter signups, button clicks, or other website actions. Have a think about what you would like to track and set them up as goals in your GA to measure.

To start setting up your goal, just log in into your GA account and follow the next steps:

  1. Click on the “Admin” button
  2. Click on “Goals”
  3. Click on “+ new Goal” to start creating your new goal
  4. Select a Goal Set up  – you can select a default or create a custom goal. In this example, let’s focus on newsletters sign-ups as it is a value you should be looking to track when working with email marketing.
  5. Enter Goal Description if you are creating a Custom Goal Conversion or simply edit if you want to make any adjustments on the prefilled copy
  6. Set up your Goal Details by typing into the Destination field. For now, let’s leave the fields “value” and “funnel” options for later.
  7. Save!

As soon as the new conversation goal is created, GA will start recording data. Now the Conversions columns will be filled based on the goal you set up – just allow a few days to start seeing the results coming up. The conversion set up will allow you to see which channels are giving you the highest conversion rates for the goal you want to achieve and make strategic decisions accordingly.

Are you ready to take your GA to the next level?

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