How to Power Up Your Engagement, Traffic, and SEO Through Videos

Web users affinity towards video keeps growing.  In three years, videos will comprise more than 82% of all consumer Internet traffic—that’s 15 times more than it was back in 2017.  YouTube has already become the second most visited website on the web after Google. No wonder—as 55% of people watch online videos every single day, per HubSpot. Clearly, it’s a massive web trend you should not ignore as a publisher.

A little while ago, we wrote about how adding YouTube videos to your blog posts can help you steer up your engagement. Now, we want to share a few more current best practices for boosting your SEO and traffic with video content.

The Benefits of Adding Videos to Your Blog Posts

  • A one-minute video can communicate the equivalent of 1.8 million words of text. Sometimes, it’s easier to show than tell a certain process or idea.
  • Videos are more memorable: 8 in 10 viewers tend to remember what they have seen last month. That’s another avenue for exercising your influence and reaching new audiences.
  • Dynamic content steers more engagement. Over half of people take action after watching a video—follow a call-to-action to visit your blog/social media; search online for more information about you and go check the things you’ve recommended.  

Quick Tips For Powering Up Your Blog Stats with Videos

Do keyword research first. Videos are another asset you can optimize to rank for relevant keywords both in search results and on YouTube. They key is to find trendy keywords people are searching for—but how?

For starters, use YouTube’s autocomplete feature. Start typing in some “video-friendly” queries such as “how to…”, “tips..”, “review” etc. and receive a bunch of keyword suggestions. The best part? YouTube will only show you popular keywords—the ones people search the most.

Next, you can take your research to—a free keyword research tool that will research hundreds of keyword variations for you automatically.

Finally, take a look at what popular YouTubers in your niche are publishing. YouTube has a bunch of platform-specific trends and video formats that viewers love—story times, confessions, hauls, tags, challenges and so on. Jot down all those content types in a master sheet, add the keywords others have used in the titles/descriptions, and start brainstorming your own content.

Revive your old content with videos. Do you have some old, but still good posts that just refuse to rank well? I bet you do! Let’s give them a quick ranking boost with videos. Update your text, sprinkle in some more keywords and upload a complimentary video to your good old blog post and hit publish once again.

Now your new video published on YouTube will attract new readers to your old post, giving Google a quick sign that this is indeed great content and it should be ranked higher in search results. On the other hand, you can also re-promote that blog post on social media and drive more visitors to the post. The newcomers will dwell on your page long enough to watch a video—giving Google another positive SEO signal. No matter how you put it, it’s a win!

Optimize Your Videos. Apart from using keywords in the video title and description, there are a few more things you can do to capture more traffic:

  • Add video transcripts. Google will index those to determine your video content and rank it accordingly.
  • Use relevant tags—again, those help algorithms to understand what’s your video is all about.
  • Add subtitles—this way more people can watch and enjoy your video!

Video allows you to build a more personalized rapport with your audiences, engaging with them on a deeper level. It’s easier to feel connected to someone when you see their face and hear their voice, instead of just looking at pics and reading text. What’s even more important is that people spend 2 minutes or more on watching a video, while 55% of web visitors spend 15 seconds or less on reading a post. And when you mix the two things into one (a post + video) you double the engagement, traffic and SEO benefits.

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