Content planning during the pandemic

We’re all for preparedness here at chloédigital when it comes to content. However, during unprecedented times, it’s important to exercise agility in your content strategy. As we, brands, and yourselves are pivoting right now, we wanted to share some tips on tackling your content planning during the pandemic.

Content planning considerations to make:

  • Prepare and make space to pivot. Not addressing the elephant in the room can cause distrust from your audience as it demonstrates a lack of understanding of demographic lifestyle changes. This doesn’t necessarily mean you will have to ditch what you have, but it means that the way you contextualise it may be different and some updates may be needed. You’ll need to carve out space each week to be able to map out your response.
  • Ask your audience what they want and need. And not just once! Plan out how you wish to re-propose that question on a regular basis as the wants and needs at the beginning of a lockdown have demonstrably changed in a short space of time. As we’re readjusting, so is your audience.
  • Reevaluate your strengths. Look to see where your audience is coming from mostly now that digital behaviours have changed. Prepare to check this on a regular basis to measure any changes and adjust accordingly. Are most of your audience now coming from social? If so, adjust your content promotion and social content strategy to fit into this.
  • Check your search terms on your site weekly to pick up on micro themes within your pre-existing audience that would usually be silenced. You may notice that seasonal trends may begin to crop back in i.e. summer related content. This would indicate that content on this topic should be refreshed, repurposed, or created with the current climate in mind.
  • Take stock of your community and increase the potential of generating discussion. Now’s the time to regroup and support our audience. This needs to be built into your future content as you map out what actions you’re trying to drive
  • More people are on social, therefore you may need to increase your social output. But how can you integrate your blog in this so that you’re being efficient with your content?


With these considerations in mind here are some tactical steps to plan your content:

  1. What can stay put in your calendar? Add in your calendar what updates you’ll need to make to your future content plan. Do you need to edit the tone? The images? The way you promote it?Bonus: as we know from our previous research that social engagement is booming and beginning to compensate for the loss of organic search. Thus it’s even more important how you contextualise your blog content within your social. We suggest actually integrating your social media and blog content calendars during this time so you’re synergising your efforts here
  2. What previous content can you republish? Content consumption is higher than before. Feed that need! This means more social content and more publishing and more email. There’s only so much new content you can produce so carry a bit of the load with relevant republished articles that fit in with the results of your qualitative feedback.
  3. Prepare to carve out more time to create NEW content with a 1-2 week turnaround. Use your feedback to create new ideas (if you’re stuck you can also check out this article Lockdown Content Ideas). Our advice is to tackle the immediate questions first then move to more nuanced variations of lockdown related content as your audience’s needs refine. There are some good tips in this article on tools you can use to tease out related themes to trendy topics for future content. Map these in your content calendar now. You also want to focus on efficiency of new content creation so you can increase productivity without burnout. How can you keep these articles concise? Can you use replicable post formats and map these out ahead of time?

To help with your connecting planning during the pandemic (and beyond), we created our own chloédigital content calendar for influencers to use going forward. Included is a social integration calendar too for you to harmonise your content strategy!

Download it for free NOW!

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