How to Master IG Reels

What are Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels is the latest video feature from Instagram that allows you to record 15second videos and share them in the app. Your publishing videos can be found on the explore tab, on a tab in your profile or, if you decide, on your feed profile.


How to create Instagram Reels 

There are already a ton of Youtube videos on how to use Instagram Reels. At chloédigital, when we are talking outside the WordPress platform, we like to focus on the strategies so we will let you know how to use videos for other experts in the industry. For example, Later created a video on How to Use IG Reels that will recommend you to watch 100%.


How to strategically use Instagram Reels 

  1. Make sure you’re creating content that you are also enjoying. If you are just creating to be part of a trend, your audience will notice and won’t react as well as to other videos you put your energy into.
  2. Think about your brand: are you using your brand elements on your IG Reels? Worth to think about this especially if you are applying filters to other content you are publishing. You want your brand to feel cohesive and strong across all the formats. Check our 3 tips to make visually cohesive IG Reels.
  3. If you’re looking to reach your own audience with your Reels, you should also publish them in your feed. This is an option you can select on the moment you are publishing your Reel making it really easy to publish in both places. Otherwise, your audience will need to go to the tab on your profile to find the content you’re creating.
  4. Keep your audience in mind when creating the content. Who is the buyer persona you want to reach?  Similar to what you do with other platforms, your content should reflect it so you are growing an audience that matters to you.
  5. Don’t forget to add the hashtags! they are still important, especially to reach a wider audience interested in a specific topic.
  6. Use sound to make your Reels stand out when IG users are exploring the app. At the same time, when it makes sense, use subtitles so users watching without sound can get the information they need.
  7. When creating your own original audio, invite your current community to do an IG Reel with that audio and tag you on it in order to create more awareness for your profile.
  8. Create a series in order to increase your return viewers and time spent on your profile. Take EmilyVartanian and her 30 days of outfits series as an example:

9. Take some time aside to study other Reels: what is that you are enjoying seeing? Benchmarketing to your own niche so you can create better content for your audience. If you are a fashion content creator, you should check these examples to get you inspired.

Looking for more IG Tips? Check our free Instagram Guide with everything you need to know from your feed to your Stories and Lives.

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