How To Make Your About Page The Most Valuable Page On Your Blog

Go to your Google Analytics, click on Behaviour > Site Content > All Pages and find out which are your most visited pages. Whilst your homepage is most likely at the very top, we bet that your ‘About’ page is not far down, right? You may not think much of your ‘about’ page but believe it or not, it’s actually one of the most valuable pages on your blog!

What’s so great about the About page?

Most bloggers will find that whilst more visitors are reaching their top viewed pages from external sources (links from other websites, social media etc.) their About page has barely any links from external sites. This means that out of all your blog pages and posts, it’s your About page that visitors click on the most.

Your About page essentially has the power to either captivate readers or drive them away, so you want to make sure it’s doing the first!

Improving your About page

Whilst you may think that your About page should be all about you, it’s only going to keep readers interested if it’s of value to them. People are much more interested in what you can do for them, rather than who you are, so you need to make sure your About page caters to their needs.

A good About page will engage with the target audience and confirm they’re in the right place, summarise what the blog is all about, include information about you, the blogger and give them a call to action – reminding them what they’re visiting your blog for.

Using your About page to your advantage

Ask yourself, what is the aim of your blog?  Do you want them to buy your products/click on your affiliate links? How about sign up to your newsletter? The answer to this question will determine the call to action you need to include on your About page.

Tailor your content on this page of your blog to encourage visitors to complete the call to action. If you want them to sign up to your newsletter, embed a simple signup form. Tell them what you want them to do and they’ll be way more likely to do it!

If your primary aim is to get your visitors to read more of your blog posts, after visiting your About page, then it may be a good idea to include a list of links to your most popular posts. Alternatively, you could create a link to your ‘Start Here’ page, if you’ve got one, as this will increase your pageviews and give readers a better insight to what they can expect from your blog.

It really doesn’t matter how many visitors you get a day, your About page will still be one of the most powerful pages on your site. If you want to stand the best chance of captivating readers and encouraging them to stick around, tailor your About page to their needs and you’ll be onto a real winner!



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2 responses to “How To Make Your About Page The Most Valuable Page On Your Blog

  1. I love this advice.

    I have historically modeled my About page after what I’ve seen others do in the past, but I think you’re probably right that this is valuable and under-utilized real estate. I’m going to revisit my About page with your tips in mind.

    Thanks, Chloe!


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