How To Juggle Blogging Consistently And A Full Time Job

Blogging regularly is a big commitment when you already have a 9-5 job. Yet consistency is key when you want to grow an online community and establish your authority around the blogosphere.

Juggling between the two requires a lot of energy and dedication and involves planning and strategizing but it’s also incredibly rewarding. And with our top tips, blogging consistently while handling a full time job has just become a little bit easier so read on!

Plan And Schedule

Having an editorial calendar is a key help throughout your blogging journey. Planning in advance is what truly makes the difference and keeps away the dreaded “What am I going to post today?” dilemma. Having an editorial calendar allows you to see long term and prepare content well in advance as well as guaranteeing that your blog posts go up at the same days and even time each week. And when you schedule them on WordPress you won’t have to worry about being stuck in a meeting at work and not being able to press the ‘publish’ button – your post will go up regardless of anything that happens.

The same applies to your social media strategy: scheduling your tweets, Instagram pics, Facebook posts, etc will save you time (and stress) and you’ll always be 100% sure that you won’t miss on your daily dose of social media interactions.

Photography And Stock Images

Having an editorial calendar will also allow you to know what kind of pics you’re after for the your future blog posts so that you can plan everything in advance. Photoshoots are time consuming so it’s generally advisable to organize them during the weekends. And once you’re done with them save some time to shoot flatlays and stock up on images that you can use for those days when you won’t be able to go out and shoot yourself.

Use Your Time Wisely

Having a 9-5 job makes it hard to find almost any spare time during the day to dedicate to your blog so that’s why you need to use your time very wisely. For example, you could use little breaks to carry out some preliminary researches for your blog content. Allow yourself a pleasant reading during your lunch break; read something that interests you and that at the same time will be useful for your next blog post. Unplugging your mind even if for a few minutes is super important, and if it can give you extra ideas for you content then it’s even better!

Have A Plan B

You know what they say, when things don’t go right then…go left! In this case it means that when your plan A doesn’t work out for whatever reason, make sure that you can rely on a plan B. For example, if you decide to change around your content schedule and you now need to fill in some gaps, make sure you always have some evergreen content ready that can be published all year round. Or why not choose to re-work your old content? It takes little time and it’s a winning strategy!


Back to you: Are you on Part-Time Blogger? What are your tips for juggling your blog and your full time job?

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