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Strategic Thinking How To Improve Your Blog’s User Experience

Think of your blog as a 24/7 boutique: the greater the overall experience is, the more customers are likely to come back. Usability is defined as the way your readers interact with your website and it’s super important as it compliments killer content and can help turn random visitors into loyal followers! So if you’re new or even an OG in the blogosphere, here are a few tips you should follow:

Make Sure Your Navigation Menu Is On Point

It’s important that your readers can quickly grab your blog’s idea and understand what kind of topics you cover. Your navigation bar can be either horizontal or vertical – it’s your own design choice. But make sure that readers can easily find your categories and navigate through your site!

Skim Through Your Content

Your content is what keeps your audience glued to their screens so it needs to have a well defined structure and be easy to read! Avoid paragraphs that are too long and be consistent with your style and tone of voice. Here are a few questions you might want to ask yourself before posting!

Increase Your Blog’s Speed

Imagine the excitement of a user to finally read the blog post he/she’s starred on their way to work in the morning. Now, wouldn’t it be frustrating to having to wait longer than expected for the post to load? A page that takes ages to load is usually considered a deterrent for readers so check your score and optimize your site to increase its speed.

Check Your Permalinks

Permalinks are not only what people enter into their browser address bar to view one of your pages, they are also what search engines use to index and link to your website. Make sure that your permalinks structure is correctly set up and that they accurately display your meta-descriptions – giving your readers an idea of what your blog/content is about.

Make Use Of White Space

Especially if you have lots of text or if your homepage is quite crowded, make sure to spread things out! According to research, the use of white space between paragraphs and in the left and right margins increases comprehension by almost 20% so keep this in mind when designing your homepage or writing your next blog post.

Once you’ve made all these implementations, don’t forget to ask for feedback! After all, your readers are the best people to ask about what they’d like to be implemented to improve their navigation on your blog!

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