How To Improve IG Engagement

2018 was the year of followers. In 2019, the conversation was around reach. The currency of 2020 is engagement!

Why is engagement important? I mean, beyond THE bots, THE algorithm etc, it is important to demonstrate that there is a human behind the content; as we focus on “growth”, work to nurturing the audience is neglected. As a consequence, we, CD consultants, kept on being asked in 2019: IG is not showing my posts to my audience, what should I do?! First of all, let’s all keep in mind that this is not a one-off job: nurturing your followers is a daily task. Secondly, take note of the action points below to get more engagement with your followers.


5 Tactics To Improve Your Instagram Engagement


Use Facebook Page Manager

Recently Facebook Page Manager launched a new feature that allows you to reply to all the comments on the platform in a quicker and easy way. You want to make sure no one is left without a reply! This will feed the relationship with your audience while giving the algorithm the indication that you’re interacting with your audience.

Dive into Your DMs

Probably this will surprise you but your DMs are also an indicator of your relationship with your followers and accounts you like to follow. It will be daunting but if you’re looking to increase engagement on IG you should be regularly inviting your followers to DM you with questions or feedback. Mention on Stories/Posts and “quick emoji reactions” to IG Stories you’re watching will also give you extra engagement points.

Mix of formats

We can’t stress enough the importance of showing your creativity by uploading different formats into your platforms. Video is ruling lately (hello Stories, IG TV… hellooo TikTok!) – have you tried video on your grid? Accordingly to Later, “the Instagram algorithm will prioritize the type of content that a user engages with the most — so if they regularly spend more time engaging with videos, the chances are they will see more video content in their feed.”

Encourage More Interactions

We can’t just sit and wait anymore, proactivity is key to see results – not only when you‘re engaging with other accounts but also when YOU ask your own audience to interact with you. First, they will feel that you care. Second, you will trigger their action. Instagram Stories stickers are an easy way to achieve it together with easy and funny CTAs on your post’s description.

Plan your Instagram Content

As a CD BABE you know that planning is everything in order to tackle the 101 things you on your to-do list. When you post at different times of the day you have more chances to appear on your audience’s homepage but it is important that you keep the posting relevancy. Planning is the best way to achieve frequency and quality.


If you reach the end of this article, you are probably interested in growing your IG engagement so let’s not forget one important factor: you don’t control IG so as soon as you can convert your IG follower into a Blog reader the better. Use the tactics above to grow your audience and make your Blog the mecca of your efforts. In this instance, creating a landing page from the traffic coming from Instagram will be the best welcome to your followers into your blog world.


We’ve shared an article with the Top 10 Instagram Tips that will be a great addition to the 5 tactics you have just read. Check it out and get ready to see amazing results on your Instagram performance.

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