How To Get The Most Out of Bloglovin’: 9 Proven Tips

If you haven’t yet used Bloglovin’, you might be living under a blogger’s rock.

This platform allows you to discover and subscribe to new blog crushes and start growing a dedicated audience of your own to get your traffic curve up.

Wondering how you can get more followers on Bloglovin’? We have a few sassy tips for that. Today we are sharing with you a guide on How To Get The Most Out of Bloglovin’ through 9 tried-and-tested tips.

Promote Your Blog Profile, Not Your Personal Profile

Once you register on the platform you can create two accounts – a personal profile + a dedicated blog profile, where your blog posts will be syndicated. By actively promoting your blog profile you attract more eyeballs to your content, rather than personal activity on the platform.

Engage With The Followers Of Similar Blogs

Most probably your favorite bloggers already have established profiles on Bloglovin’. Go check out their followers, and pick 10 blogs which seem interesting to you and have a similar vibe to your own blog. Start following them and next, pick one of their posts, read it and leave a comment. High chances are the blogger or their followers will return the favor and start engaging with you as well – and it puts you under the radar of your target audience!

Share Your Bloglovin’ Posts on Social Media

Instead of posting a direct link to your new blog post on social media, share a Bloglovin’ post URL once in a while. Anyone who clicks the link will be sent to your Bloglovin’ post and is likely to follow you or save it for later to read.

Install a “Follow Me” Widget On Your Blog

Bloglovin’ has some of the cutest “follow” buttons and widgets out there! Grab the code here and add it at strategic placements on your blog – like in the sidebar area, or under the text of each blog posts – so that your readers can start following you with one simple click.

Include Eye-Catching Blog Graphics For Each Post

Adding a bright, crisp featured image to your post will increase the potential amount of clicks you get, just like at Pinterest. Use images throughout your post to breakup your text as well, creating a nice balance of imagery and copy that is easy for your followers to read and enjoy.

Optimize Your Blog Post Headlines

Keep ‘em short, snappy and intriguing to gauge the interest and encourage your followers or random browsers to click through. Create a curiosity gap with your headline for even better results.

Choose Your Category Wisely

For bloggers who are yet struggling to define their niche and cover multiple subjects it might be tricky to choose the right category to list their blog on the platform. Think what topic you blog about the most and pick the closest category. Posting occasional recipes at your mostly travel-based blog does not make you a food blogger, right?

Stay Active Within The Community

Reading, commenting and saving other bloggers’ posts is a great way to say you adore what they do. Just like at any other social platform the communication should happen in two ways. Discovered a new blogger? Go comment on their post and start following them on Bloglovin’. Most of them are going to visit your blog in return!

Just Ask

It will never hurt to include a quick reminder at the end of your post, in your newsletter or on other social media for your audience to follow you on Bloglovin’ too. Don’t be too pushy with that though. A quick “Guys, I’m now on Bloglovin’ too!” should do the trick.


Back to you: Are you on Bloglovin’? What are your tips for growing your following and getting more traffic from this platform?

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  1. Thank you for this great post…I haven’t actually paid that much attention to bloglovin’ even though I’m on it…most because I wasn’t sure how to maximize it. One question…what about ACTIVATE? Any info on that? The info they provide on it is a little confusing to me. Thanks!

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