How To Drastically Decrease Your Blog Exit Rate

Building traffic to your fashion blog takes a lot of time. Finally, you see a steady stream of visitors landing on your blog each day. The only problem is: a good chunk of them tend to bounce off your website just too quick.

So how do you keep those darling readers at bay for longer?  In today’s post, we are listed up the top 3 proven strategies to help you decrease your blog exit rate.

List Related Posts

If you’ve been blogging for a while you probably have a few dozens of blog posts casually piled up in your achieve without proper tagging and categorization.

How will your readers know about the other goodies you have unless you showcase those?

Related posts are usually added straight under the blog post before the comment section. Most WordPress themes now come with a plugin to display those.  

If that’s not your case, here are top 3 popular WordPress plugins for related posts:

Bonus tip:  Highlight the most popular posts in your sidebar section. Again, it could be done with a plugin or manually by creating juicy big pictures with catchy titles.

Interlink Your Posts

Linking from your new posts to the relevant old ones not only improves your SEO, but also helps readers navigate your blog and discover new reading from the archives.

Exit rates go down, positions in search engine results steadily go up. It’s a win-win.

Target the right keywords

Talking of SEO the reason why your blog exit and bounce rates are so high is that you might be targeting the wrong keywords.

Not all keywords were created equal. Some of them serve an informational purpose, while others encourage a purchase.  Here’s a quick example:

  • “Cheap Christmas outfit ideas” is a commercial keyword
  • “Free makeup tutorials” will not land you a sale probably, but can leverage the awareness of you as a blogger and makeup artist.

Tap into your Google Webmaster Tool and check out which posts on your fashion blog rank for certain keywords.

If you are pushing a sale in a blog post that ranks well for an “informational” keyword, that’s might be the reason why your readers leave.  And on the opposite when readers land on your blog with an idea to make a purchase and don’t see an opportunity for that, obviously they will leave soon enough.

Next, important question: Does your blog have a theme?  

Yes, you are a fashion blogger, but what exactly are you covering – personal style, budget brands, high-end products, green fashion?

If you mix all of the above you end up attracting a really varied crowd that may love a single post, and don’t care about the rest.

Define your niche – outline the scope of topics you typically blog about. Don’t go too narrow as you might end up struggling with new content ideas, but spreading too thin won’t bring you much engagement either.


Build your online expertise – start establishing yourself as an authority say in “recyclable fashion”.  Create posts to rank for related keywords and collaborate with other influencers in your niche. As a result, you are likely to build a solid community of likeminded fans and supporters that will look forward to each and every post you publish!

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