How to creating a rewarding membership area on your site

Membership areas are priceless especially for fashion bloggers. They help generate extra income online, gather as much information as possible on the audience and provide invaluable intelligence to help take a blog to the next level. A membership area allows users to log into a website using their username/passwords once they have registered to access facilities unavailable to non-members.

Why a membership area?

There are many reasons why you need to start offering membership areas as an ambitious fashion blogger. You’ll add some value to your current and frequent audience as you let them access premium content such as fashion guides, makeup and fashion-oriented video tutorials made just for fashion enthusiasts like them.


Of course you would like to make money from your fashion content! Creating a members only facility at a fee to access premium or targeted content, access to certain chic trend guides and beauty products, among others, is one of the best ways of making some income out of your fashion site.

Some of the premium and high quality content to offer might include colourful e-Books related to all kinds of fashionable trends and beauty tutorials with clear images, high quality viral fashion videos, podcasts, downloads, among others. What you need to do is come up with the most appealing snippets or teaser excerpts to encourage and motivate new members to enrol right away. Above all, you must strive to give value for money to make money.

Bring in more traffic

People love free stuff particularly if it’s about making them look beautiful, learn more about trending catwalk heartthrobs, what’s happening in various fashion events, top beauty products, outfits they can afford and generally fashionable content that will add some value in their life. If monetizing is not exactly what you have in mind, you can approach members-only facility differently by offering all these information free of charge to those willing to become members of your fashion blog.

Use the facility to encourage new audience and frequent visitors to your site to keep returning by offering free membership to your blog to access special content and products you have made uniquely for them. Better sales leads can result, including ability to do a thorough brand development and product research to take your fashion project to the next level.

Personal login to member areas

Create a membership area where every user has his/her unique login to your blog to access members-only content.  This is especially important in creating an email list and having a real membership made of real people genuinely interested in your fashion content. The members-only site can also be tweaked to allow users to interact with one another. Social media accounts can be used to login into the site while making sure that their data is protected.

You want to deal with real people interested in anything fashion and integrating your fashion blog membership area and social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can guarantee this. However, this comes with considerable administrative work and you must be sure you can handle it.


Membership plugins can make the process of creating and managing membership areas very easy. The advantage of using plugins is the ability to use additional features they come with such as shopping carts, discussion forums and integrating payment systems with paying members. Choose a plugin with at least integrated email, international currency, handles overdue payment, integrates with payment platforms such as PayPal, Braintree and Skrill, including a self service account for customers.  Before you choose a plugin, do an extensive search for one that really captures the essence of your fashion blog.

Do you have a membership area in place? Are you using any members-only plugin? Considering integrating one with your blog? Let us know in the comments!

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