How to Create a Killer Flower Wall for a Brand Event

What’s an event without a killer Instagrammable moment? Over the last few years, the demand for an IG worthy flower wall has soared to an all-time high. And these moments are only set to get bigger and bigger.

For our #CDWT 2018, we were on a mission to differentiate each event – not only by the points of discussion on our panels and keynote speakers but by creating moments that would become staples of each CDWT stop. So this week, we caught up with the leading ladies who made that mission and the vision into a reality; Claudia Leon, Founder of Andes’ Florist in LA, Raquel Lovern, Founder of  R. Love Floral in Dallas, and Emily Pinon Founder of Bastille NYC in New York, to get the low-down on what it takes to create THAT wall for an event!

Keep scrolling to learn how they made it happen…


Image Courtesy of Andes’ Florist

What are the 5 key items you’ll need to construct a flower wall for an event?

Raquel: Well for the #CDWT the first and biggest element of the flower wall was the incredible modern cut out wall from Coral Lane. So for us, the first key item is the wall itself, flowers are next, floral foam cages to add the flowers, wire, and zipties.  I love zipties! You can create the most beautiful installations by attaching floral foam to anything using wire or zipties.  

How do you select the flowers?

Claudia: There’s no cookie cutter approach to choosing flowers. Whether it’s a classy, all white flower wall (like the one we custom-made for CDWT), or bright yellow and orange hues for a tropical-themed event, there are many different approaches to floral design.

Don’t feel like if a certain flower is too expensive, that there is no way of bringing your idea to life. There are thousands of different flowers that you may not even know existed. Work with a local florist (#SupportSmallBusinesses), to play around with different blooms, that once combined will make your wall picture perfect.

How do you choose the backdrop for your flowers?

Raquel: When creating a backdrop for an event you must take into account your venue – is it modern, rustic, traditional? The overall style of your event is important – think, how do you want your guests to feel? You also have to take into account the season, are you doing an event in the spring, summer, fall or winter? The season affects the type of flowers you can and should use for your event.


Image Courtesy of Raquel Lovern of R Love Floral

What influences the design you add to the backdrop?

Emily: I want each of our flower walls to be a unique representation of our client’s brand. The design is influenced by the brand and it’s aesthetic which means I always pull inspiration from fashion, nature, art, and architecture.  

What’s your favorite type of flower wall for the Summer months?

Emily: For Summer, I love a wall that has many layers of interest. From a distance, the wall can appear to have a pattern designed from flowers and foliage. But as you approach the wall you can appreciate the texture of the elements woven together. Then there are the unexpected details of objects nestled in the design and a special patterned fabric.


Claudia: We highly recommend positioning your flower wall in a place with soft, natural light, since blooms look best under nature’s flash. If your event takes place at night, try positioning your wall so that there is at least a 2-foot gap between the flower wall and the person posing. This should help so that the majority of the camera flash is focused on the people, with a softer glow on the flowers.

So there you have it! Top tips, from top female entrepreneurs in the floral industry. Why not try these tips to make your own floral Instagrammable moments at your next Bridal Shower or Baby Shower? And finally, thanks again Andes’ Florist, R Love Floral, and Bastille for making such showstopper flower walls for #CDWT! Check out the images here!

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