How To Boost Your Social Media Traffic

Social media is a great way to engage your readers and promote your content. If you have a look at your traffic stats, it’s very likely that your social media platforms are among the top referrals to the site, meaning that they’re the ones bringing the most traffic to your blog.

Having a social media strategy is a must-have but if you’re still struggling and want to give your social media traffic a quick boost worry no further and just make sure to follow these tips!


Sharing your content on social media is a valuable strategy that can trigger interesting reactions, but if you’re planning on putting it into action you need to lay out a social sharing schedule timeline. This will provide you a clear plan regarding how often you want to share your content on your social media profile. When you plan out your schedule you need to make sure to answer to these questions:

  • How often do I want to share the same content on the same platform?
  • How much time should pass between each social media message?
  • Which are the platforms where I can post the same content more often without running the risk to bore my readers?


Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest all feature the Analytics tool now. Tap into your preferred social media’s analytics and it will provide you valuable information on the type of content that is the most successful among your readers as well as the perfect timing to share your posts and links. It will also give you insights into how to adjust your schedule as well as allow you to closely track the rise (yay!) in your traffic.


Your audience won’t share your content if you make it hard for them to do so. This is why you need to make sure to create shareable content installing a social media sharing plugin. Doing so will allow your post to have a greater reach within social media, making it more visible to a greater amount of people and driving extra traffic. You can read more about the best plugins for social sharing in this post.


Hashtags are a great way to reach a greater pool of readers. They allow your reach to go beyond your immediate followers and expand your audience while at the same time helping you create discussions and trends. The use of hashtags strictly depends on the type of social media platform you’re using: there are some platforms that perform better with hashtags and some others that perform worse.

  • Twitter: Tweets with hashtags attract 2x engagement (retweets, favorites, followers)
  • Facebook: According to the Ultimate Guide To Hashtags, embedding 1-2 hashtags in your post can get you an average of 593 interactions


A great way to engage with your readers and attract more traffic is by organizing social media contests and giveaways. Readers are motivated by free giveaways and new potential followers feel incentivized to click ‘follow’ on your social media profiles and to subscribe to your email list (however, you should always check and make sure they don’t unsubscribe once the giveaway is over). Instagram and Facebook are the two best platforms to launch contests and giveaways. All it takes is picking an amazing prize, deciding how people will enter the contest and setting a deadline!

Social media are essential to drive more traffic to your blog and sponsor your content across various platforms. Increasing your social reach should be part of your strategy but when laying it out always remember to never do anything you wouldn’t like. Put yourself in your readers’ shoes, it will help you lay out the best social media strategy!

P.S. If you wanna learn all about how to increase your Instagram following head over to this blog post!

Back to you! On which social media platforms do you share the most? How do you attract more traffic? Let us know in the comments below!

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