How to Boost Comment Activity on Your Fashion Blog

You may have managed to build up a cool engaging following on social media (which is awesome!) but when it comes to your readers interacting and commenting on your blog, you may fall flat. Below, we have outlined some tips you can use to help encourage comment engagement on your blog.

1. Ask open-ended questions.

One of the key reasons why your fashion blog doesn’t get a lot of comments could be that you are asking close-end questions (those that can be answered “yes” or “no”).  Switch to open-ended questions, as they offer your readers the opportunity to express themselves in more fully. Here are a few examples: “What weird items are always inside your bag? Curious to know in the comments below!” or “What are your summer wardrobe essentials? Let me know in the comments below!”.

2. Comment on other blogs.

You most likely already know which blogs out there get dozens of comments per post, right? Make a list of the most engaged blogs in your niche and commit to regular commenting there.

Here’s the deal: if you spend time on leaving thoughtful, relevant comments on other blogs, the law of reciprocity is likely to take effect.

The blogger will check out your blog, read your content and leave a comment. What’s even better; the blogger’s community is likely to check out your blog as well and probably become your fans.

3.  Post a personal story.

Emotions are among the most powerful components of any successful blog. Don’t be afraid to show your struggles and imperfections to your online community. In fact, if you want to win their affection, showing the emotional side of you should be the key part of your strategy. You can only establish an authentic connection with your audience by giving them reasons to relate with you, a.k.a. showing you are just human with the same struggles and flaws as they are.

Tip: you have to be a good storyteller if you’d like this approach to work.

4. Assault the norm.

If you are not afraid to raise some eyebrows, write a post tackling a common false belief or breaking a fashion myth. Assaulting the norm doesn’t mean you should be aggressive or try to provoke an argument. Just give an opposite opinion on the matter and list your reasons for this. A good controversial post always results into an active discussion in the comment section. Stir it up by throwing in more reasoning and staying polite with the opposite parties within the comments.

5.  Encourage your readers to subscribe.

A lot of readers will not comment on your blog during their first visit. Retain them by encouraging them to subscribe to your email list and sending out personalized emails, helping them to get to know you better. In the long run, it is the most effective strategy that helps you not only to boost your comments, but to generate a higher overall engagement and build a dedicated following.

Now, back to you: How do you encourage your readers to comment more?

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  1. These are absolutely incredible. Half of these things I didn’t even think about. I’m a beginner in blogging and I found these very helpful. Thank you very much!

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