How to Adding Gamification to Fashion Blogging can increase engagement

Gaming and fashion. Ok, so we know this isn’t a pairing that you traditionally expect to see or hear. Unless you’re hitting the geek chic angle hard, this just isn’t a concept that springs to mind when looking at ways to progress your audience’s engagement with your fashion blog.

Cast those stigmas aside to take your blog performance up a level. We’re not talking about sponsoring an animal on Farmville or adding a candy crush rip off to your blog. Gamification is the process of adding game like mechanics or interactions in to something which is not fundamentally game based. So in essence, you can ‘gamify’ pretty much anything including outfit posts, new collection reviews and wishlists.

Once you get over the terminology, it’s relatively quick and easy to add gamification in to your bag of tricks and make it an ongoing part of your fashion blogs.

Using Quizzes and Polls

Quizzes and Polls are easy and immediate ways to get users interacting with your blog. The best thing about them that the potential subjects and topics to use are limitless and you can as always, add your own charm and personality via your writing and choice of questions.

Polls are a particularly good way to give your readers a platform to share their opinions. This is empowering for them but also gives you the chance to learn more about your audience. Not to mention that polls need not be plugins or widgets, even simply encouraging discussions at the end of your post to get your readers contributing to the overall content of the blog.

Tips: Make sure to keep this relevant, choose topics which are exciting or trending right now so that users are more likely to want to engage.

There are plenty of ways to incorporate quizzes and polls installed directly in to your blog. Among the many options out there, WordPress has a good selection of customisable quiz widgets so that you can include gamification without sacrificing your image.

Contests & Giveaways

Simple but effective, contests are a great way to boost engagement. We humans are programmed to be at least a little competitive, it’s in all of us. And hey let’s face it, we all like winning and the chance to get our hands on free stuff!

Contests work really well when it comes to providing a depth to your reader offering. The idea of winning something or earning something real brings your online blog in to the physical world and makes it more tangible for your readers. They are also excellent traffic and engagement drivers which work really well, particularly when promoted via social media. It’s a gamification win for everyone.

Tips: Dependant on how likely you think your readers are to engage, or perhaps how exciting the prize is, consider a contest in which the winner is judged based on something they submit. This way your users are generating content that could be used on the blog itself. Perhaps you ask your readers to submit pictures of themselves with a product item you’ve mentioned on the blog and post some of the finalists on the blog. If you want to take the audience participation a step further you could even use polling/voting from your readers to help you choose the winner.

Don’t forget to keep contests and giveaways relevant and on trend for the biggest chance at exciting your readers.

Gamification isn’t just what you may think, it’s a great way to truly engage with your audience and make your blog stand out.

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