It’s time to ditch the tunnel vision and level up on the things that really matter. Would you believe us if we told you your potential truly is limitless? With Grow Mode we set you up for success by giving you the tools and mentorship you need to take your business game to the next level. We’re here to elevate your worth and drive results that will benefit your well-being AND profit line. 


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Grow Mode is the ultimate membership to help you level up, whatever stage in the content game you’re at. Enrolment close May 31st with the membership starting June 6th. Please note: spaces on our Grow Mode membership are super limited.




 Grow Mode will help you to…


• Combat tunnel vision and get focused on the drivers that truly matter

• Gain a new BFF who is there to offer you emotional support through the highs and lows

• Learn new ideas and find out trends before anyone else

• Feel more confident on your path to success

• Learn what to prioritise and what to ditch

• Unlock new revenue streams and untapped opportunities

There’s a reason why we’re content creator’s best kept secret. But don’t just take our word for it.

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1. Feel confident

The creator space can have you fixated on other creator’s lanes instead of your own. We help you see the value you’re bringing to the table and then some.

2. Combat tunnel vision

It’s natural to obsess over vanity metrics. But it does nothing to elevate your business. We help you take the blinkers off and find the strategies that will unlock serious growth.

3. Gain emotional support

You might feel alone, but with CD you’ll never be. Gain perspective from an accountable partner that understands this industry and can emphasise with the rollercoaster of running a business in the creator space.

4. Feel reassured

Get ready for the best hype-women in the game to banish that imposter syndrome once and for all!


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1. Work on structure

In a world of never-ending to-do’s, we’ll help you structure your business and understand where your priorities should be to help you monitise and drive real financial growth.


2. Become an early adopter

Gain a new ear to the ground that will help you understand and embrace new digital trends before anyone else does. Everything we do is tailored to your business instead of it feeling like off the shelf advice.


3. Revenue growth

In the creator space it’s easy to perceive vanity metrics as the main fuel. We help you understand your profit margins and identify where true revenue growth lies.


4. Be accountable

Possibly one of the most important gains from this membership is based on accountability. Like everything in life, accountability can be challenging but in business it’s critical. We’re here to remind you of your goals and keep you on track to make sure the only option is success.


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You’re ready if ✅


• You’re a new creator ready to switch up the volume
• You’re ready to professionalise and scale with best-in-class, proven methods
• You want to learn the ins and outs of scaling your content creator business
• You want to gain a clear holistic picture of your data and where and what is driving your growth
• You’re ready to nerd out on all things digital, strategy, marketing, data and more
• You’re ready to commit to a fun plan


You’re not ready if ❌


• You’re not sure if you want to start a business
• You aren’t willing to fully commit and put in the work
• You plan to build a money-losing business
• You prefer textbook learning based on dated techniques and strategies
• You value more your friends & families opinions than experts in the industry


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  1. Get to Know your Business Status [aka know where you stand]
  2. Define your Business Foundation
  3. Create Objectives and Key Results
  4. Work on Quick Wins for Early Results
  5. Define Long-term Growth Planning
  6. …Level Up and Keep Working on Your Business Success


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It’s time to level up with Grow Mode

Most Flexible
$500 / Month
Minimum 6 months stay
Dedicated Growth Manager
Monthly 1-hour Strategy Call
Organic Marketing Strategy
Tailored Business Advice
1-on-1 Email Support Service
Data Analysis & Insights
Discounted Custom Projects
Best Value
$5,500 / Year
Enjoy one month on us!
Dedicated Growth Manager
Monthly 1-hour Strategy Call
Organic Marketing Strategy
Tailored Business Advice
1-on-1 Email Support Service
Data Analysis & Insights
Discounted Custom Projects
As a content creator, it can be hard to juggle everything within your business. Between filming, copywriting, editing, SEO, and strategic planning, something is bound to fall through the cracks. Working with chloédigital has kept me on track with my business goals for 2022 – Tomi Obebe of GoodTomiCha