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Enrolment closes July 31st at 11:00p.m. EDT
Enrolment closes July 31st at 11:00p.m. EDT
Enrolment closes July 31st at 11:00p.m. EDT
Enrolment closes July 31st at 11:00p.m. EDT
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Build a sustainable business
Scale to new revenue heights
Focus on what matters most

The premier

growth strategy and

business development membership

for creators scaling businesses

to 7+ figures.


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Which Person
Sounds Like


Which Person
Sounds Like


The ‘Overwhelmed’ Entrepreneur’

"I don’t know how to prioritize my time and efforts to achieve the results I want."

"I'm unsure about when and how to delegate tasks effectively."

“My mental money blockers are preventing me from reaching new revenue goals”

"I'm feeling lost and lacking direction when it comes to developing my brand, and I need more accountability."

The ’Burned-out’ Creator

"I'm putting in a lot of effort but not seeing the results I want."

"I'm confused about which platforms to prioritize for producing content."

"I need more structure, consistency, and reliable help to take my business to the next level."

"I'm concerned that relying on a single revenue stream may not be enough to sustain my business."

"I often struggle with creativity."

The ‘Plateaued’ Influencer

"I find it challenging to discover new ways to increase my revenue."

"I let the opinions of others impact my decision-making process."

"I have difficulty narrowing down my focus and setting clear priorities."

"I wish I had more control over the algorithm to grow my business."

"My perfectionism can sometimes lead to burnout."

Well, you're not alone...

70% pie chart graphic
70%  of creators rely on a single revenue stream

90% graphic
90%  of creators struggle to hit 6-figures in revenue
85% pie chart graphic
85%  of influencers are not tracking the time they spend on revenue-driving activities
But don't sweat.
Activate Grow Mode to break free from your money blocks, track your progress and surpass your revenue goals.


CD Success Scale Ladder

Revenue intervals are based on the Amex State of Women-Owned Business Report

Goal Setting
We support you to set achievable SMART revenue targets that align with your goals.
Planning & PrioritiZation
We plan and prioritize according to your time commitments and revenue goals
implementationn & Tracking
All of our personalized strategies are driven by data insights and your analytics. We track and analyze your results and plan for the implementation of tasks.
Review & Adapt
We stay abreast on the evolving landscape of the creator economy to remain proactive about your personal strategies.

Our framework is built upon our four core values.

Hands-On Process
Our process is based on data-driven insights and experience.

Between us and our network of experts enable you to adapt, evolve and make informed decisions.

Empowered Decision-Making
You are in the driving seat of our strategy, we prioritize and tailor our strategy to your values and commitments.

We strike a balance between being proactive and reactive to the changing landscape by using prioritization techniques and working in short iterations.


Over the past 9 years, we’ve impacted creators scaling to 7+ figures through data insights, strategic planning, accountability, and proven growth methods.

It's no wonder why our members have stayed loyal to us for many years. Like you, they felt overwhelmed and craved more freedom in their lives to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Now it's your turn to experience the same transformation on your own terms.


As a content creator, it can be hard to juggle everything within your business. Between filming, copywriting, editing, SEO, and strategic planning, something is bound to fall through the cracks. Working with chloédigital has kept me on track with my business goals...I was able to increase my revenue and my traffic- and that wouldn’t have been possible without chloédigital's support!

Tomi Obebe
Tomi Obebe

“A Goal Without a Plan, it’s only a Wish” I’ve always had big dreams but with CD I’ve learned how to focus on setting goals and take actions to achieve them. Their team helped me to switch my activity from being a hobby to a business and can’t wait to grow more with them in 2022.”

Greta, The Cihc
Greta, The Cihc

“Having our calls and our monthly meetings provided that accountability I needed to achieve my goals and know the next steps to take. It was the analytics, how the reports were done, the way everything was broken down, and the easy, actionable steps for me.”

Tell us, are you working on any of these goals?

Drive website traffic that converts into loyal customers.
Nurture an audience and turn them into a thriving community.
Grow an engaged and loyal social media following that converts.
Leverage your existing audience to successfully launch your next product.
Create diversified revenue streams and make passive income.
Increase your brand partnership opportunities and collaborations.
Spend more time being creative and less time on admin tasks.
…then it’s time to become your best YOU, go big and achieve your ambitions.

Who is
Grow Mode

Take this quiz to find out if Grow Mode will work for you!

Take the quiz
I am:
I want to always get the results I want to see, stay more organized and attract the best people to my team.
I want to create compelling content that tells a story, engages an audience and achieves my desired results.
I want to establish my authority, elevate my position, and foster meaningful connections with my audience to influence their purchasing decisions.
I want to grow a loyal tribe who recognize me as the thought leader that I am and will become raving fans of my expertise.
I have a creative mindset and diverse passions. I want to use my talents to create new and unique ideas across different disciplines to show up as my authentic self.
I want to showcase my personality in a way that elevates my credibility, widens my circle of influence, and creates a larger impact.


for alifestyle creator Increased brand partnerships revenue from $500k to $750k in 12 months
Email subscribers grew from 12k to 40k in 12 months
Membership subscription generated $149k in annual recurring revenue in 12 months for a personal brand
Combined platform growth of over 155% in 18 months for a creator
144.7% website Traffic Growth within 12 months

What's included:

What do you get when you become a  member?

Quick answer... A LOT.

User icon

A Dedicated Growth Manager


Will work with you one-on-one to keep you accountable, provide personalized insights, give you feedback on your progress and ensure that you stay on track to achieve success based on our proven CD Growth Framework.

With a monthly 1-hour strategy session focusing on key areas for revenue growth, outstanding tasks and your roadmap, you'll have the guidance and support you need to take your business to the next level.

Dollar Icon

Revenue Tracker

To help you:

Accelerate your revenue growth and achieve success faster with our Revenue Tracker, which allows you to track your progress, make informed decisions, and stay on top of your goals based on our CD Success Scale ladder.

Roadmap Icon

Growth Roadmap

To help you:

We reverse engineer your revenue goal to build your personalized and actionable roadmap which is a step-by-step action plan

Todo list icon

Revenue-driving tasks set for the month

So you can:

Take the guesswork out of achieving your revenue goals with our actionable and manageable tasks that break down your roadmap strategies into clear and achievable steps for yourself and your team.

Data Analytics Report

So you can:

Stay ahead of the game with our monthly reports, providing you with valuable insights and trends across your website and social media channels.

Ongoing online support from your Growth Manager

Supports you to:

No matter what life throws your way, your Growth Manager is here to support you. Whether it's a new brand partnership, a change in direction, feeling overwhelmed, or going on holiday, we'll adapt your actionable tasks for the month to ensure that you stay on top of what needs to get done.

CHLOÉDIGITAL is here to help you build the confidence and growth mindset you need to unlock new revenue goals and blaze your own path to success.

With us as your competitive advantage, you can expect to see incredible results in just 6 months:


Feel confident in your business decision-making, with support from our team of experts.


Stay hyper-focused on your revenue goals, with actionable strategies tailored to your business.


Achieve a strong balance between proactive and reactive tasks, ensuring maximum productivity.


Become more financially confident, with a clear understanding of your revenue streams and potential for growth.


Feel empowered to take on new challenges.


Join a supportive community of like-minded individuals, and know that you have found your tribe.

That's not all. Activating Grow Mode also gives you access to:

Expand your network with CD Partners and access to a panel of experts from diverse fields.

Streamline your operations and ease time management with our customized operation flows.

Access free templates to support your business growth and save time.

Enjoy a discount on custom projects like a new website.

Early access to special programs and events

Gain exclusive perks, knowledge, and events from the CD World member community.



Grow Mode is For
You If...

You're tired of playing small and ready to level up.

You've reached a plateau working solo and you're craving the right kind of support to take your business to the new heights.

You're eager to learn everything there is to know about scaling your digital business.

You're feeling overwhelmed and you're not sure where to start.

You're burnt out and need clarity to refocus and achieve your objectives.

You're ready to commit to your goals and nothing can stand in your way.


Despite the hit of the pandemic on my travel business, my Growth Manager’s guidance helped me recoup and boost my traffic...as well as my affiliate revenue on my site.

After taking the leap from my full-time job at Google to focus on What the Fab, chloédigital gave me the strategy, support, insights and industry trends I needed to focus on what matters. Despite the hit of the pandemic on my travel business, my Growth Manger’s guidance helped me recoup and boost my traffic back up to normal levels. Now, my traffic has continued to grow as well as my affiliate revenue on my site.

Elise Armitage

Your brand. Your Growth. Your Way.

Choose your path to the next level

Most flexible
Minimum of 6 months
Best value
One month on us!

It’s so cohesive and personable… like a fun, little club to be in where everyone is doing cool stuff and supports each other.

I wouldn’t have known where to look for half of the information that I’ve gotten through the team. Besides that, everyone on the team is so simple, friendly, and responsive. It really felt like they cared. They were dedicated and interested in everything about me down to my personality. It’s so cohesive and personable… like a fun, little club to be in where everyone is doing cool stuff and supports each other.

Chris, Cats & Coffee

So, how would you want your story to end?

Join grow mode

A trusted source to keep you accountable to your goals.

Adaptive to changing industry landscape

Prioritized by your time commitments

A personalized approach to help you achieve your hyper-specific goals.

Buy a course

Zero accountability

One-size-fits-all approach

Cookie cutter content that stales quickly

Information overload

Yes! I want to do this right


“I made over $160,000 in 2021 with 50k followers across all platforms!”

As a content creator, I used to think I needed to have about 100k-500k followers to make what I desired. But with approximately 50k followers across all platforms, I was able to make over $160,000 in 2021. My growth manager has been my No.1 cheerleader as well.

Tomi, Good Tomi Cha

Your pressing questions... Answered

Grow Mode is for creators, influencers, and entrepreneurs scaling businesses to 7+ figures.

While we don't directly help you implement all the strategies we'll be able to provide you with content briefs, systems and advice to build out your implementation.For example, when we build your strategic roadmap, we'll let you know when it's best to bring on additional support from our preferred partners, or we can provide advice if you prefer to source your own.

We provide you with strategies to strengthen your media kit for brand visibility, along with personalized outreach templates to help you land those lucrative partnerships.

While Grow Mode isn't a quick fix, you'll start seeing signs of progress within 4-6 months. By the 6-12 month mark, you should start to see tangible results.

There's flexibility in scheduling the call with your Growth Manager, but please note that calls cannot be carried over from the previous month.

Your Growth Manager will be in continuous dialogue with you via email and via your CD Creator Toolkit. You can expect a response within 2 working days, and your Growth Manager will check in with you regularly.

We recommend a full-time commitment of 35-40 hours per week to hit your revenue goals. However, we create roadmaps with flexibility based on the number of hours you can commit, so you can still reach your goals at your own pace.

Still have questions?

Book a call here.

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