Enrolment closes July 31st at 11:00p.m. EDT
Enrolment closes July 31st at 11:00p.m. EDT
Enrolment closes July 31st at 11:00p.m. EDT
Enrolment closes July 31st at 11:00p.m. EDT
Enrolment closes July 31st at 11:00p.m. EDT
Enrolment closes July 31st at 11:00p.m. EDT
Enrolment closes July 31st at 11:00p.m. EDT
Enrolment closes July 31st at 11:00p.m. EDT
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Level up on your terms
Grow your brand
Build a loyal community

A game-changing


With personalised accountability


For Creators

entrepreneurs & personal brands


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Which Person
Sounds Like


Which Person
Sounds Like


The ‘overwhelmed’ Solopreneur

"I'm growing tired of not getting the results I desire."

“I get overwhelmed easily and tend to work harder than I should.”

“I could use some strategy or direction in developing my brand and increasing its visibility.”

“I would love to become savvy at increasing profits and even hire one full-time employee.”

The ‘Eager-to-Please’ Brand Owner

I have a really hard time dialling down exactly what to focus on.

I wish I had control over the algorithm.

Although I know what I want my end goal to be, I don't know how to get there or even how to get started.

I don't know how to come up with content to be able to be active on the platforms everyday.

Sometimes I feel burnout with Instagram and perfectionism.

The ‘Burned Out’ Creator

I let myself be influenced by the judgement of others.

I want people to respect me by taking me seriously.

I'm lacking structure, consistency and capable, reliable help.

I need strategy on how to refine my brand and grow.

Well, you're not alone...

Creator bar chart
60% of creators do not have a consistent way to reach their audiences.
Brand owner pie chart
70% of brand owners lack an organizational structure.
Solopreneur pie chart
40% of solopreneurs don’t have a financial tracker.
But don't sweat.
Grow Mode is here to help you become the boss of your brand, master your marketing and grow a loyal community.

Grow Mode is much more than a course.

Get access to brand development strategies — from Social Media, Email Marketing, SEO, Content Monetization, Audience development + engagement, etc. – that guide you to success.

Because there are a FEW THINGS more frustrating than pouring your time, emotions, and resources into a brand that only attracts… eyeballs and almost nothing else.

We can help you replace your current struggles with confidence and success — so that in just a few months, this could be you:

My monthly call has helped me use data to understand what content generates reader engagement and time on site. It helped me focus on creating (and re-purposing) more of the content my readers want.

Susan Blakey
Susan Blakey

As a content creator, it can be hard to juggle everything within your business. Between filming, copywriting, editing, SEO, and strategic planning, something is bound to fall through the cracks. Working with chloédigital has kept me on track with my business goals...I was able to increase my revenue and my traffic- and that wouldn’t have been possible without chloédigital's support!

Tomi Obebe
Tomi Obebe

“A Goal Without a Plan, it’s only a Wish” I’ve always had big dreams but with CD I’ve learned how to focus on setting goals and take actions to achieve them. Their team helped me to switch my activity from being a hobby to a business and can’t wait to grow more with them in 2022.”

Greta, The Cihc
Greta, The Cihc

“Having our calls and our monthly meetings provided that accountability I needed to achieve my goals and know the next steps to take. It was the analytics, how the reports were done, the way everything was broken down, and the easy, actionable steps for me.”

Trusted by 1,000+ entrepreneurs and personal brands to help them build the life they love

Over the past 8 years, we’ve helped creators and entrepreneurs earn 6 & 7 figures through strategic planning, support and proven methods. It’s no wonder why most of our members have stayed loyal to us for over 5 years.

Like you, they didn’t know where to start. Like you, they yearned for more freedom in their lives and for more time to enjoy it.

And now it’s your turn to do the same on your own terms.


Tell us, are you working on any of these goals?

Grow website traffic that converts
Nurture an audience into a community
Grow an engaged, loyal social following
Promote offerings [services or products] better and drive sales
Make passive income through diversified revenue streams
Planning content strategy for brand partnerships
…then it’s time to become your best YOU, go big, and achieve your ambitions.

Who is
Grow Mode

Take this quiz to find out if Grow Mode will work for you!

You’ll be exposed to proven methods and digital trends to navigate through all the noise.

Take the quiz
I am:
I want to grow a loyal tribe who see me for the expert that I am, and will become raving fans of my expertise.
It would feel great knowing how to keep my audience engaged and what content will help me stand out from the clutter — without the guesswork.
I want to boost my brand image so it can stay memorable in peoples' minds and connect positively with them.
I want to always get the results I want to see, stay more organised, and attract the right people to my team.
I want to provide the right emotions in my target audience and position my brand as the 'no-brainer' option.

With grow mode, you'll:

Define your Business Foundation
Create objectives and see key results
Work with a growth manager as your dedicated accountability partner
Identify tasks to work on to crush your goals
Uncover your priorities and know what to ditch
Discover new strategies and trends before anyone else
Unlock new revenue streams and untapped opportunities
Get ongoing support via email

A few things we have helped entrepreneurs achieve:

Total Revenue for a lifestyle creator was $300k in 2021 with a 33% increase in the first half of 2022
Increase in Brand Partnerships (8 to 18) for a personal brand in 6 months
TikTok growth from 77k - 121k in a month achieved for a fitness creator
Instagram growth for a personal brand from 96k to 120k in a month
Viral strategy takes mom creator to 12M monthly likes on TikTok, a 364% increase.

What's included:

What do you get when you become a  member?

Quick answer... A LOT.

A Dedicated Growth Manager


Backs you up with helpful insights and data to position you for desired results

Acts as your accountability partner on your growth journey

Provides you with a personalized, strategic approach and feedback on your progress

Helps you stay on track with your goals

Stays involved in your growth plans, cheers you on, and looks out for you

Monthly 1-hour Strategy Sessions

To help you:

Make confident, core decisions that set you apart

Pinpoint areas for growth and spark new ideas for success

Review progress and address outstanding tasks

Facilitate an action plan to help focus your goals for the next month

Marketing and Business Strategy

To help you:

Drive results for your social media and email marketing campaigns

Nail your content strategy and know to focus your SEO efforts with proven methods and guides

Gain access to exclusive digital trends before they become mainstream

Discover how to increase cash flow while choosing the affiliate networks and brand partnerships that suit you best

Identify which systems your brand needs to stay ahead of the industry and become self-reliant

chloédigital creator business toolkit

Creator Business Toolkit

So you can:

Build your business with strategies and resources that you can use right now

Access a private hub with all your meeting recordings and notes to stay on track

Stay on top of your business growth with a progress tracker

1-to-1 Onging Email Support

So you can:

Receive personalised answers to your pressing questions

Stay informed with relevant and popular content recommendations from the community

Get unstuck with quick responses to your concerns

Data Analysis and Insights

Supports you to:

Make better, informed decisions that deliver a huge impact on your bottom-line

Know what changes to implement for continuous improvement

Monitor the metrics that matter and make further changes based on the results

Outsmart competitors and increase revenue

Help your brand maintain healthy customer relationships

Grow Mode is always in your corner helping you unlock the confidence, mindset, and strategies to blaze your own path.

With us as your competitive advantage, your first 6 months will look like this:

That's not all. Joining Grow Mode also gives you access to:

Networking opportunities with CD Partners

A panel of experts from diverse fields

Operation flows to ease your time management

Free templates to support your business growth

A Discount to Apply on Custom Projects

Early access to special programs and events

Exclusive perks, knowledge base, and roundtable events from the CDWorld member community


Get to Know your Business Status

[aka know where you stand]


Define your Business Foundation


Create Objectives and Key Results


Work on Quick Wins for Early Results


Define Long-term Growth Planning

...And beyond

Level Up and Keep Working on Your Business Success

“But how do I know Grow Mode is right for me?”

Grow Mode is For
You If...

You're an entrepreneur ready to switch up the volume 🔊

You're ready to professionalize and scale with best-in-class, proven methods.

You want to learn the ins and outs of scaling your digital business.

You want to gain a clear, holistic picture of your data, and where and what is driving your growth.

You're ready to nerd out on all things digital, strategy, marketing, data and more.

You're ready to commit to your goals.


Grow Mode isn't For
You If...

You’re not sure if you want to start a business or if the digital space is even right for you

You aren’t willing to fully commit and put in the work

You plan to build a money-losing business

You prefer textbook learning based on outdated techniques and strategies

You prefer your friend or family member’s opinion over an expert in the field

But that's not you.


Despite the hit of the pandemic on my travel business, my Growth Manager’s guidance helped me recoup and boost my traffic...as well as my affiliate revenue on my site.

After taking the leap from my full-time job at Google to focus on What the Fab, chloédigital gave me the strategy, support, insights and industry trends I needed to focus on what matters. Despite the hit of the pandemic on my travel business, my Growth Manger’s guidance helped me recoup and boost my traffic back up to normal levels. Now, my traffic has continued to grow as well as my affiliate revenue on my site.

Elise Armitage

Your brand. Your Growth. Your Way.

Choose your path to the next level

Most flexible
Minimum of 6 months
Best value
One month on us!

It’s so cohesive and personable… like a fun, little club to be in where everyone is doing cool stuff and supports each other.

I wouldn’t have known where to look for half of the information that I’ve gotten through the team. Besides that, everyone on the team is so simple, friendly, and responsive. It really felt like they cared. They were dedicated and interested in everything about me down to my personality. It’s so cohesive and personable… like a fun, little club to be in where everyone is doing cool stuff and supports each other.

Chris, Cats & Coffee

So, how would you want your story to end?

Join grow mode

Get personalized support based on your goals, business status, and industry

Stay on track and crush your goals with a dedicated accountability partner

WOW your audience with our knowledge offers + a 360-view across multiple platforms and content types

Buy a course

Go down a rabbit hole of generic, outdated and cookie-cutter information you won’t need

Get bored with the information overload and keep worrying about your ‘yo-yo’ progress

Keep eyeballing your competition even though you know you can do better

Yes! I want to do this right


“I made over $160,000 in 2021 with 50k followers across all platforms!”

As a content creator, I used to think I needed to have about 100k-500k followers to make what I desired. But with approximately 50k followers across all platforms, I was able to make over $160,000 in 2021. My growth manager has been my No.1 cheerleader as well.

Tomi, Good Tomi Cha

Your pressing questions... Answered

Grow Mode is for creative entrepreneurs, content creators, personal brands and brand owners looking to take their businesses to the next level and create the lives they've always wanted.

While Grow Mode doesn't directly help you implement your social media, you will get tips and strategies on how to make the most out of your platforms.

We can help with pitching, alignment and content strategy so you can put your best foot forward.

Grow Mode isn't a quick fix, because growth takes time to become consistent. You'll see signs of progress within 4-6 months and within 6-12 months you should start to see results.

Still have questions?

Book a call here.

Level up with grow mode

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