Galentine’s day content tips!

Celebrating love has never been more important as it is now. Pinterest Predictions looked at how as a consequence of last year, people will look to celebrate all of the little things in life…including celebrations to which we normally usually consider. Valentine’s day, although might be considered outdated in regards to its heteronormative romanticism, is being embraced as an opportunity to make known the love we have not only for our partners but our family, friends and neighbours. So what should we be considering heading into February 14th? Here are some Galentine’s day content tips.

Love season considerations:

Think about the personal relationships of your audience.

Family ties and friendships are just as important to the individual than their relationship status. When you envision your audience, how would they show their nearest and dearest that they love them? Then ask: how can my content help?

Make the advice tangible.

As many are still in lockdowns with restrictions still in place, seeing family, going out for dinner, and even hugging your loved ones might not be a possibility. How can your celebratory suggestions provide value in delivering love amidst these logistical issues? Are the gifts you’re recommending deliverable? Are the ways to make someone feel appreciated possible to achieve whilst still at home? Are the outfits, activities and ideas you’re suggesting suitable for indoor activity?

Focus on gift-giving to spark joy.

The emotional connection is important, therefore go beyond the stereotypical presents and think about what your audience would consider happiness-inducing in these trying times. This could be food, art, self-care, or experiences for example….ok, chocolate is still acceptable!

Don’t neglect the self-love.

Let’s face it. This holiday period isn’t always a joyous time for many… How can you push for your audience to show a little more love for themselves?

Think about impact with the $$$.

Spread the love with the money that you spend. Small business, businesses that give back, sustainable businesses, businesses with heart – all deserve to be championed during commercial periods. Can you push for greater $$$ love to the businesses that need it the most?

Now, for some more specific ideas and trends, have you checked out Pinterest Trends? Let us give you a hand. We looked at some top-performing themes to begin your research – we got your back! Use this to spark your ideas for content.

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