Five Smart Ways To Activate Your Community

As a blogger creating a devoted community is one of the most challenging yet rewarding parts of your job. But once you’ve managed to build up a dedicated niche of readers, the next step is to activate it, engaging with your audience. Here we’ve shared five ways to do it!


When your readers love and daily navigate through your content, chances are they would be very interested in ways to hang around even more! Think outside the box and launch engaging projects that match your blog’s content, like a 15 days Instagram travel photo challenge or a Snapchat challenge to be featured on your story. Your readers will positively react to that and love your blog even more!


A community is about the ‘we’ so in order to better interact with your readers, it’s important to ask questions to them (making sure that they’re open-ended questions!). Ask questions like “What are your dream holiday destinations and why? Curious to find out in the comments below!” This way you’ll offer your readers the chance to express themselves fully and interact with their favourite style influencer (yay!).


Not everyone likes to comment, especially if they’re visiting your blog for the first time, but everyone likes personalized emails! Make sure to include a subscription form at the end of your post, encouraging people to subscribe to your email list (including a freebie would be a plus!). This is a great strategy that can prove to bring engagement and followers to your blog even in the long term.


Your readers like your blog most likely because they appreciate and value the person behind it. Real-life connections add a special-something to the relationship and that’s why you should organize meet-ups or coffee events, whenever you have the opportunity. Understandably not all of your readers live in the same city as you, but for those who aren’t lucky enough you can write a summary post of the event, including clips and short videos.

Blogging is based on a digital community but it’s important to remember that in-person conversations bring a spontaneity and realness to the relationship that can go a long way!


Social media are great for sharing your blog’s content and material but they’re also a more direct way to communicate and engage with your community. Your readers can find out more about your personal life and feel more encouraged to leave a comment so make sure to never disregard them!  For example, Pinterest is a great platform for people that share the same interests and can help you attract more readers to interact with.

Building and activating a community is a time-consuming process but it’s also very worth it! Great content and a pretty design are essential parts of your blogging experience but your readers are the ones that really make your business going, so make sure to have an engaged and active community!

Now, back to you! How do you interact with your community? Let us know in the comments below!

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