June 2017

CD World: US Tour 2017


In summer 2017, we made it our mission to visit our key US states and hold a series of mini-conferences to educate our members and wider community on everything blogging and business. Over the course of two weeks, we met, strategized, and networked with over 150 digital publishers – holding three key workshops on rotation. So what did we talk about? Legacy and community building, brand evangelists, brand growth at scale, and content strategy.

All companies, are constantly trying to figure out the right balance between their own brand’s aesthetic, mission, and the makeup of their community. It doesn’t just stop with influencers. Publishers, media companies, etc. all experience the same trials and tribulations with growing their businesses. It’s an important lesson for anybody and everybody.
A key thing to think about is how you can take your business from being solely about ‘you’ to a wider brand at scale!