Tips for Driving Email Marketing Traffic

Having a popping email game is a big mood for 2020. Not only is it a great method to boost the engagement from your community via direct messaging but it’s also an imperative marketing tool for driving traffic to your site. So how can you drive more email marketing traffic to your blog?

In essence, the trick is to be totally clear about your content strategy – you want to model what your followers across different platforms will receive from you and when. More importantly, you want to ensure that there are incentives to be receiving all of your cross-channel content holistically. This takes time and a lot of strategy-reviewing but when you crack it – you’re on the way to creating a truly ardent audience.


…Here are some tips to build pageviews from your emails:

  1. TEASE – when referencing content on your site, give an excerpt, a little vignette, a bit of je ne se qouis but NOT the whole story. Make sure there is a clear reason to go onto the blog to get all of the juice!
  2. …on that note…make sure you’re actually giving SOME juice! Always ask yourself where is the value?! Go ahead, make it impossible for them not to click 😉
  3. LEAD the way with a killer subject line to increase open-rate (OPR). Increase your OPR and you increase your chances of increased click-through rate (CTR) to your blog
  4. DRIVE action! Make sure each communication has one clear Call to Action and a clear goal for you to track. Asking your readers to interact in too many ways in one message creates reader anxiety. Having too many goals for each email makes the communication confusing for you to manage also. Keep it SIMPLE
  5. SEGMENT your audience around specific content areas and work to deliver the customised content to the right people to increase actionable engagement. This is a must to mitigate a disengaged audience.
  6. MOBILE-FRIENDLY? More and more emails are checked on the phone. Create a better User Experience by making sure it looks great on different devices and email providers.
  7. TEST to know your audience. A/B test different times/layouts/subject lines/etc to better understand the right cadence, timing, tone and visuals that engage and inspire action in your audience. Don’t get buried in the inbox

Now that you’re all fired up with your email strategy, you may want to upscale your email newsletter design. Want some design savvy? Check our a newsletter template packages here.

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