Email Marketing Strategy during Covid-19

During the last weeks, we have been talking a lot about Social Media as a great way to engage and drive traffic to your blog but today we want to bring Email Marketing back to the front and centre.

As behaviour has changed to accommodate a new lifestyle, we are seeing audiences spending more time online meaning they are also consuming more content and different formats than before. According to Bouncex, we are now “seeing open rates 40-50% higher than normal and conversion rates across the board up almost 80%” on Mondays and 10-25% above normal for the rest of the week.

The rise of Open Rate and Click-Through Rates (CTR) brings an amazing opportunity for you to engage with your current subscribers and even grow your email list.

9 tips to navigate your Email Marketing Strategy during Covid-19

  1. Increase your email frequency with content-driven messages and short-term valuable tips suitable to the current mindspace of your audience
  2. A/B test your time and day to send campaigns to find the perfect combo for you during the quarantine.
  3. To keep frequency up, repurpose evergreen content on your email campaigns. You can use blog posts, pages and even categories.
  4. Send a personal note to engaged subscribers to show them how valuable they are to you and appreciate their time.
  5. Add a disclaimer to your emails for your subscribers to forward the email to their friends.
  6. Create an exclusive freebie to send to your mail list and at the same time use it as a lead gen for new subscribers.
  7. Promote your newsletters on other channels enhancing the benefits & perks of being part of your mail list.
  8. Align your different calendars (editorial, social and email) to support the same message.
  9. Carry a survey within your subscribers to get to know their taste better. Normally we see this kind of research happening on Instagram but remember that your audience could differ from channel to channel. This is also a great opportunity to enquire them about future business ventures you would like to pursue.

Always remember that Email Marketing is one of the few traffic sources you have full control over so use this time to convert followers into subscribers. If you would like to review your email marketing game we recommend you to take a look at this article. If you are looking for a campaign redesign we will be more than thrilled to work with you. Check CD newsletter’s projects.

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