Drive Ad Traffic To Your Blog in 6 Steps

How do I drive traffic to my blog?… is one of the most frequently asked VIP member questions.

You have two different types of traffic you could be focusing on: organic traffic or paid traffic. With PPC costs decreasing, let’s focus on the latest with a guide to drive traffic to your blog in less than 7 steps.

The first things you will need to decide would be the medium where you would like to display your ad and the audience you wish to target. After those two decisions made, run through the following list to pressure test your plans:

Six Steps Guide to To Drive Ad Traffic To The Blog

  1. Destination – what will be your landing page? What content do you want to promote? Once the reader lands on your website, what will they see?
  2. Define a clear CTA – once they land on your page, it should be clear what they will get and it should be aligned with your CTA. Manage those expectations and deliver.
  3. Work on your copy – keep it brief and enticing. You can use Hemingway Editor to create a bolder and effective message.
  4. Ad Format – do you know Facebook has now over 7 types of ads? Choose wisely on which one will drive the most traffic to your website. Our VIP Consultants always recommend A/B testing to know what will be more effective.
  5. Eye-catching Visuals – create an image/video or even carousel that will stand out and catch your audience’s attention. Moreover, any opportunity to get them to physically interact is gold dust. Let’s not forget that, apart from Twitter, social media platforms are driven by visual stimulation!
  6. Track – it is essential to monitor performance analytics and adjust accordingly to get the maximum results with your campaign. Start by evaluating your KPIs and be ready to check your ad performance within 24 hours or less.

Extra tip: All growth tactics should have a strong retention strategy and we want to have that in consideration on our guide to drive ad traffic to your blog so you can work on your subscribing list at the same time. Add an exit subscription pop-up form to your landing page to tease the reader to subscribe to your content before leaving.

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