Domain Authority: What are the Ranking Factors?

Optimizing your content for SEO is a standard practise that you should always aim for when publishing content on your blog. We have talked about it numerous times here at CD blog about Alt-tags and Meta Descriptions and the importance of images SEO and today we want to bring more clarity to the table on domain ranking. We have been talking about it here and there and now it is time to give you all in one article.

Domain ranking is not only affected by the content frequency, quality and focus keywords but also by other important factors. When you are looking to have a higher position on searches, you should keep them in mind and work on a 360 strategy that will push your results to the front.

What are the most common Domain Authority ranking factors?

Below you will find a list of the most important aspects influencing your ranking on search engines with further information for each topic once you click on it:

  1. Domain name
  2. Results: Pageviews, Bounce Rate, Average Time on Page and Numbers of pages visited per session
  3. Site Speed
  4. HTTPS
  5. Website’s Menu
  6. Backlinks
  7. Internal Links
  8. Social Signals
  9. Mobile-friendly Website

Were you aware of the importance of all the factors above for your ranking results? As you can see, all your digital work will contribute to elevating your ranking amongst competitors and not only the keyword you are using. Even when you are working on your social media strategy or being mentioned on a digital magazine you are working on your domain ranking. Everything is connected!

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