Conversion statistics: Click traffic considerations

Preparation puts you in a better position to reach out to brands proactively and negotiate better deals. Conversion statistics in Google Analytics can be a great tool to help tell your story. Most influencers check their affiliate data regularly but how often do you check your Google Analytics to see what content converts the most in terms of clicks?

If the answer is the wrong side of “regularly” then let us help you.

Your Google Analytics tracks what they call Events – in layman’s terms, how many times people click on a link. When diving into your top-performing pages you want to sort by “outbound” links only, to see exactly what is being clicked on.

What to do with Outbound Event Data?

  • Scour over the content on the pages that convert to the most outbound links
    • What types of content converted to the most clicks?
    • Are there any layout structures that correlate between the highest converting pages?
    • What about the tone? Is there a unifying tone that you can use going forward?
    • What about your Call to Action – is there anything that worked?
  • How did you promote these pages on your site?
    • Is this something you can replicate going forward?

NB: It’s a good idea to check this data against your affiliates to see what content has the most converting potential. Knowing this about yourself will help you know your conversion worth when you do go into negotiations with brands.

To build a wider picture of your value in regards to conversion statistics, it’s worth looking into social too. Check out our recent guide on social media engagement KPIs which can help build a clearer picture of your audience power.

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