Content Pillar Model: SEO Content Management!

As we hone in on content planning this month, it’s a smart idea to begin adopting wider content management tactics that will allow you more control over your SEO. Our advice? Adopt a Content Pillar Model….Say what now?

The Content Pillar Model allows for you as a content creator to centre your keywords in search engine’s perspective. It allows you to utilise two key tactics within SEO: long form content and internal linking – to indicate to SERPs which pieces of content are more important than others. It rests on the laurels that long form content tends to be rich, value driven and answer based, therefore ultimately the more important content on your site. Search engines, as for example, Google, will prioritise content that are both longer and richer for this reason. Another indicator of content importance within your site is the volume of internal linking each article has. Google will assume that your most important content will have the lion share of links to it.

So how does the content pillar model work in practice?

  1. Start by assessing what content you want to be known for and create question and answer based value driven content around this. Use content you already have if you can, and skyscraper this to be even more valuable by assessing and improving on the competition. Make sure that this content is keyword rich and follows clean SEO practices (keep your YOAST green!). Et Voila, there’s a Pillar!
  2. The next step is to find short form snackable content which are offshoots of this central theme and make sure you have an internal link to your Pillar article. Keep on top of evolving trends on your Pillar’s central theme to ensure you’re finding ways to generate new content on the topic consistently and link back to your Pillar. These pieces of content are called your Clusters.

Need a means to manage your Pillar and Cluster content? Check out our recent article on how to use our Influencer Content Calendar which you can download now.


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