Content Marketing: The Top 10 Feature Types to Help You Succeed

“Publish, and they will come” isn’t a sound approach to blogging.

The competition for users’ attention is tough. Algorithm updates are not always favoring independent publishers and it seems like everyone is now in a race to churn out more and more content.

So if you want to stay atop of your blogging game, you need to be strategic with what you publish, when you publish, and where you do that.

In this post, we’ll tackle the “what” with the ten content types that should be in your editorial calendar now and for the upcoming holiday season!


This one should go without saying…but some of us are guilty of neglecting the blog in favor of social media posts or YouTube videos.

However, Orbit Media survey points out that those who blog regularly (2-6 posts per week) report stronger results. Weekly updates are OK too. Yet, your results will likely dip if you post less than monthly or in irregular intervals.


Writing an e-book may seem like a time-consuming task, but think of the possible blog and business benefits:

  • Up to 63% of users are willing to register and share personal information about themselves in exchange for an eBook. Meaning, it’s an excellent way to grow your email list – a blogger’s gold asset.
  • A content upgrade (aka giving out a freebie to compliment your blog post) can boost conversions to by 785%.

You don’t always need to write 100+ pages to make your freebie opt-in seem valuable. For instance, if you share your tips for editing Instagram images, a complimentary 10-page ebook summing up all the apps you recommend and editing settings for different effects should do the trick.

Next, you can re-package your old blog series content into an eBook to give it a fresh start.


To keep your email subscribers engaged and active, you need to map out your newsletter publishing schedule too.

There are different strategies to help organize your newsletter content:

  • Round up the latest posts from your blog/social media weekly/monthly.
  • Share content based on a certain theme e.g. an upcoming holiday, event or current pop culture trend.
  • Send it out to compliment/give additional insights to your upcoming blog post, recent collab with a brand and so on.

The key here is to keep your dispatches packed with valuable and/or entertaining information for your audience. For inspiration – check out Skimm.


Amplify your reach on social media platforms by brainstorming and scheduling a sequence of social media updates, instead of a bunch of scattered posts.

  • First, map out the best time for posting on different networks. Coschedule has outlined that in this graphic.
  • Next, create relevant images to accompany your posts and write a couple of post title variations to analyze later in terms of performance.
  • Outline the sequence – when and where each update would be shared.
  • By spreading the same theme across different updates, you entice more people to stick around and crave additional information. For instance, if you are teaching how to create a capsule wardrobe, spread the “lessons” across a couple of days to ensure higher engagement.


In our previous post, we pointed out how users’ preferences have changed in the past few years. Video content, in particular, is gaining the momentum. People consume it more thoroughly and feel eager to receive more of it in the future.

Video updates are great to showcase your personality, share some behind-the-scenes footage, and build a more personal rapport with your audience!

Plus, there’s a bunch of video ideas to fill in your calendar:

  • Tutorials;
  • Quick daily updates/vlogs;
  • Shoutouts to fans and so on.


When you just don’t have the time to write a decent blog post, ask your blog bestie to chip in. Or invite an interesting guest writing in another niche – say if you run a fashion/lifestyle blog, invite over a foodie to share her favorite munchies or a travel blogger to speak of her recent escapade.

Your readers will receive an engaging new update, and you will take some load off your shoulders. Besides, it’s a great way to network in the blogging world.


The best way to discover new blog ideas is to ask your audience directly. And you can make the whole process way more fun than some survey.

Invite people on social media to ask you absolutely anything or any types of questions say related to vintage fashion or your other specialty.  Jot down the Qs and deliver the As in any of the next formats:

  • Video;
  • Livestream on Instagram;
  • Blog Post;
  • Real-time chat on Twitter or another platform.

Next, take a look at all the questions you’ve received, single out similar ones, and write a more detailed blog post (or a series) answering those!


I bet people always ask why you prefer to shop at X over Y or why brand A is so much better than brand B?

Give your opinion to the audience in a neat chart.


To steer up the engagement, partner with an awesome brand to reward your loyal readers and drive some new readership. Hosting a giveaway on your blog is simple with any of these four plugins.

NB: Don’t forget to properly disclose any affiliation with a sponsor according to the latest regulations.


Ramp up your blog design with an attractive new page – a featured page rounding up all your content around one subject e.g. holiday or real-time life updates.

Style the page as a compounding post – optimized around a specific keyword, easy-to-skim with an enticing evergreen title that can attract all sorts of new readers to your blog.


Are you a CD Babe? It’s time to (really) start thinking about the holiday season! Get in touch with your support team or CD consultant for more insights, tips, and tricks!

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