Connecting With Your Niche Through Your Search Results

The success of your blog is based on your readers, so it’s essential that you know how to best connect with them.

You might have not noticed it (yet!), but while most of your readers navigate through your blog clicking on the categories and menu items that interest them the most, there’s a smaller niche that looks up for your content by typing specific words in your blog’s search bar.

You can track your Search Term results through Google Analytics to find out which are the specific words your niche is typing on your blog. But once you have this data, what do these results mean to you as a style publisher? And how could you use them to connect with your niche? In today’s post we’ll reveal how to make the most of your Search Term results and why they matter. Read on! 


Your search results are a very powerful tool to understand if your niche’s interest lays within your resourceful posts or seasonal content – maybe even both, at different levels! Let’s say you are looking at your Search Term results for the month of May. This data can reveal that your readers are interested in unseasonal topics like ‘blouse’ or ‘casual outfit’, or that they’re specifically looking for time-sensitive posts about Coachella and how to style your way through the most awaited festival of the year.

Make sure to look at your data with an analytical eye to be able to spot seasonal trends that you can gather to create new content. Your niche might not be searching for ‘holidays’ on the blog – but if ‘summer’, ‘camera’, ‘Jamaica’ and ‘bikini’ are all showing up in your Search Term results, a Travel Guide might not be such a bad idea! *cough*


As an influencer you’re probably very active on your social media platforms (or you should be!) and you put efforts in differentiating your content throughout your social media profiles. Search results are a great way to understand if your niche is looking for content previously posted on your social media accounts, and if they would like an extended follow up on your blog.

Let’s say you’re a fashion blogger who’s never tapped into the world of beauty before and you’ve recently published a contouring tutorial – here’s the catch – which you’ve shared on your Instagram profile only. When you go through your site’s Search Term results, you see that some of your readers have typed the word ‘contouring’. Aka, they are looking for a replica, or an extended version, of your exclusive social media content on your site. It is worth thinking strategically about giving your readers the topics they’re longing for…!


Sometimes your readers search your site looking for something very specific that they feel you might have posted about, but that’s not always the case. So why not take advantage of this valuable data-driven information by creating dedicated content to cater to these untapped needs? 

For example, it often happens that your readers look at your About page in an attempt to get to know you better and to find out more about your personal life. If your search results match this scenario and you see a growing number of ‘no-results’ followed by the words ‘career’ or ‘marriage’ or any other personal-related terms your readers appear to not being able to find in your About page, maybe you should take a moment to think if you want to keep focusing on what you’re doing or if you want to open up a little bit more with your readers instead, meeting their interests.


Ever wondered why some readers type the names of specific brands in your search bar? Well, the answer is probably because they identify your style with them! And as an influencer this is great news because it means that they trust you and are interested in seeing how you style those brands specifically to get inspiration from you! On the other hand, if they type general words like ‘dress’ or ‘smoky eye’ instead of ‘Storets’ or ‘Laura Mercier’ it might mean that they haven’t identified you with any specific brand yet and that you’re still a ‘white label’.


Another great way to use your search results is to test new content. You can introduce new topics on your site and check how they perform within a limited amount of time (i.e. a month). If your Google Analytics show you that your readers are specifically looking up for that content typing it on your blog’s search bar, it means that your new content is successful and that you are gradually changing your readers’ habits, who are coming back to your blog for more.

Your search results can be a very useful source of inspiration and a great way to better analyse your content, as well as to connect with you niche. Behind every search there’s a real person which is expressing needs and as an influencer you should always take your audience’s interests into consideration. But you also have to keep in mind that your search results only show the preferences of a very niche part of your community, so you shouldn’t use them us a bible and build your whole strategy on them. Instead, make the most out of your search results taking inspiration for new posts, testing new content and seeing how it performs!

Back to you! Are you a chloédigital publisher? Get in touch with your Support Specialist today to find out more about what your Search Terms can reveal!


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